Get to Know podcast: Satwinder Bains on social justice and anti-racism

Last month, the UFV Communications team debuted the Get to Know podcast, a 30-minute podcast where you get an in-depth perspective of some of UFV’s most interesting minds through candid discussions — exploring their areas of expertise and gaining a glimpse of who they are when they’re not at UFV. Our first guest is Dr. Lenore Newman, Director of the Food and Agriculture Institute at UFV, took us through her origins of her food passion.

On the second episode of the Get to Know podcast, Darren McDonald, communications specialist at UFV, interviews Dr. Satwinder Bains, the Director of the South Asian Studies Institute at UFV and an associate professor in the School Social, Cultural, and Media Studies. Together, they discuss her career journey, experiencing racism after moving to Canada from India in the 1970s, and her fight towards inclusion, equality, and cultural justice for women and people of colour.

Enjoy this episode!


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