Tetsuomi Anzai appointed Associate Dean of College of the Arts

By Mitch Huttema

Tetsuomi Anzai has been selected as the Associate Dean of Faculty within the College of Arts. His five-year term begins Sept. 1, 2021.

Tetsuomi joined UFV as a sessional instructor shortly after completing his Master of Fine Arts in photography at Concordia University in 2005 and became permanent faculty in 2007. He served as Department Head of Visual Arts from 2009 to 2014, and most recently held the role of Acting Director of the School of Creative Arts.

“The College of Arts is a special place. We hold up the mirror to view the diversity of our thoughts, ideas, organizations, creations and designs, and through our collective memory, illuminate the path ahead to our goals, wishes, and dreams. This is a great honour, and I look forward to serving in the company of all the excellent people and departments across the social sciences and humanities,” he says.

Anzai has contributed to the Faculty of Arts in many ways over the years, including as member of the College of Arts Curriculum Committee between 2008 and 2011, and as chair of the same committee until 2013. He also played key roles and participated in several Individual Probationary Evaluation committees and Selection Advisory committees for Visual Arts, Art History, Theatre, Graphic and Digital Design, and Media Arts.

“We are very pleased to have Tetsuomi join our team,” says Dr. Sylvie Murray, Dean of the College of Arts.

“His leadership experience, patient insight, attention to decision making that is informed by empathy and due process, and compassionate approach will be great assets in the College of Arts.”

Anzai’s recent artistic work includes video projections, live audio-visual performances, collaborations on music videos — and his photography has been featured on the album cover of You Say Party (a well-known alternative rock band). He has served on exhibition selection committees for the New Westminster Arts Council and the Public Art Advisory Commission of New Westminster.

During his 16 years at UFV, Anzai has experience working with a range of disciplines in the creative arts and is committed to working towards social justice, Indigenization and decolonization through a constructive approach grounded in education, humility, and respect.


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