Faculty Micro-Lectures 2022 — Dr. Robert Harding

Each year, the UFV Research Office invites 20 or more faculty researchers to be a part of the continued success of the University’s Micro-Lecture Series. The goal is to provide “snapshots” of the range and depth of our faculty research, as well as highlight the interdisciplinary nature of our work. This engaging, fast-paced event also helps to interest students in research and expose faculty to research other than their own.

Researchers take the spotlight one after the other, in rapid succession, for a maximum of two minutes each to speak about the exciting findings and implications of their research.

Here, Dr. Robert Harding presents, “Canadian News Discourse about the Petroleum Industry: Corporate Media Framing compared with Indigenous Media Framing.”

Watch out for future presentations each week.


For more information, contact Leona Oakman at leona.oakman@ufv.ca