Provost and VP Academic Lunch and Learn — Equity over Diversity — Making Inclusion Inclusive — Oct 27

EDI training sessions or programs are meant to be tactics of a much larger strategy for advancing EDI within an organization. Training alone cannot create just and inclusive spaces, but these training sessions are valuable if leveraged effectively and honestly. Diversity and Inclusion initiatives often miss the mark because they tend to emphasize diversity over equity and assume inclusion will happen eventually. They often jump to inclusion, without first addressing exclusion and assume everyone is on the same page. These training sessions can be polarizing and breed resentment, which undermine and sabotage inclusive and equitable efforts.

Join Sundeep Hans, Director, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion, to understand how we can build a better framework for EDI training sessions that place equity over diversity and make inclusion inclusive.

Join us virtually on Wed, Oct 27 (noon to 1 pm):

Meeting ID: 612 2049 9741

CODE: 345204

No RSVP is required…I hope you can join us.

Nicole Hitchens

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