Significant building closures on Abbotsford campus Monday, July 19

What do I need to know?

Several buildings will be closed on the UFV Abbotsford campus on Monday, July 19.

Which buildings will be closed?

Buildings A-East, A-West, B, C, and D will all close between 8 am—4 pm approximately.


The closures are scheduled to facilitate the tie-in of a new water main in conjunction with the renovated entrance between Building A & B. Water will not be available in the buildings during the closure, and only security and facilities staff will have access during this time.

What do I need to do?

If you are scheduled to work in one of the affected buildings on July 19, connect with your manager to ensure an alternate working environment is arranged. If you expect students to attend during this time, please inform them of the closure and reschedule.

Questions or concerns?


The UFV Campus Planning and Facilities Management Team apologizes for this inconvenience and appreciates your patience during this important and necessary closure.