International Day of Action Against Contract Cheating — Oct 21

What is “contract cheating”?
The term contract cheating describes the form of academic dishonesty where students get academic work completed on their behalf, which they then submit for academic credit as if they had created it themselves.

What is the International Day of Action Against Contract Cheating?
The International Center for Academic Integrity brings together academic institutions from all over the world to provide webinars, discussions, resources, contests, and more to help students, faculty, and staff understand, avoid, and prevent contract cheating.

What will UFV do this year on Wed, October 21, to be part of this day?
• POSTER PLEDGE: write or record your intention about contract cheating and academic honesty
• MEET an Academic Integrity Mentor: student peers can answer your questions about academic honesty and academic misconduct
• Online QUIZ: because it isn’t a learning opportunity without a quiz, right?
• WIN a PRIZE: a UFV hoodie and cool swag from the Academic Success Centre and the Bookstore! Pizza (delivered to your home!) sponsored by Teaching & Learning!

All students, staff, and faculty are welcome to participate in the event’s activities!

Wed, Oct 21
9 am-7 pm

For more information, contact Amara Wong at