MicroCourse 7 — Inclusivity Online — June 25

MicroCourse 7 – Online Teaching Fundamentals – Inclusivity Online

Date(s): Thursday, June 25 2-3 pm

International and Indigenous student profiles, access, and participation

Facilitators: Lorna Andrews, Teaching and Learning Specialist, Indigenization, and Victoria Surtees, Teaching and Learning Specialist, Internationization

These series of MicroCourses will introduce the essential Blackboard tools, but the primary objective of these MicroCourses is the pedagogy behind the tools and how they can be used to:

Achieve learning objectives
Promote student engagement
Collaborate among peers and instructors
Creative easy-to-navigate course design
Assess student learning
Offer support to students
Create an online learning community

Delivery Each MicroCourse will be delivered in a one-hour scheduled synchronous session and an additional Blackboard course and asynchronous activity/ reading/ resource/ that would take about one hour. Sessions will be recorded for reference in the asynchronous courses.

All Sessions will be open to UFV employees. Each MicroCourse aims to require 1, 1.5, or 2 hours to complete, in-line with Lynda.com (LinkedIn) and Mentor Commons online courses. A synchronous component may be necessary in the Synchronous MicroSource.

Feedback will be on a facilitator and peer feedback basis. Participants must create an activity, ILO, or assessment to complete the MicroCourse and receive a credential.

Each MicroCourse will reside in its own Blackboard course shell. Faculty will be required to self enroll for each course.


For more information, contact Leah Lyon at tlcevents@ufv.ca