Ten UFV faculty members achieve Full Professor status

Congratulations to 10 UFV faculty members for completing UFV’s new Tenure and Promotion process. This professional milestone acknowledges significant achievement in the areas of teaching, scholarship, and service.

Since this system was implemented, the following faculty members have applied for, and have been granted, promotion to Full Professor:

Alan Cameron (Modern Languages)

Adrienne Chan (Social Work and Human Services)

Robert Harding (Work and Human Services)

Alastair Hodges (Kinesiology)

Olav Lian (Geography and the Environment)

Sheryl MacMath (Teacher Education)

Fiona McQuarrie (School of Business)

Barbara Messamore (History)

Miriam Nichols (English)

Noham Weinberg (Chemistry)

“Promotion to Full Professor is the highest rank a university can bestow upon a current faculty member,” said James Mandigo, Provost and Vice-President, Academic. “It represents the acknowledgment by colleagues that years of sustained excellence in one’s profession has been impactful at the highest level possible. Full Professors represent the thought leaders of the University who inspire and mentor others to also make positive and impactful contributions through their teaching, scholarship, and service.”

The central goals of the Tenure and Promotion system at UFV are similar to those at other universities.

The process enables faculty to achieve professional, academic, and personal goals while building a culture of quality and capacity. The Tenure and Promotion process encourages advancement by providing a transparent, fair, and formative process for growth and development throughout a career at UFV.