Senior administration changes

Dear members of our UFV community:

I am writing to inform you of some changes in senior administration at UFV.  I have been reviewing the roles and responsibilities of the members of our leadership team as part of our internal review of the way we allocate our limited resources.  The challenge we all share is the need to ensure we operate as efficiently and effectively as possible in the face of significant financial challenges and increasing demands, obligations, liabilities, accountabilities and expectations.  At the same time, we must continue to move forward in the achievement of our goals and aspirations.

With some caution and reservation, I have decided to eliminate the position of Vice-President External.  We have been well served by the people who have held that position; they have played a key role in government and community liaison, partnership development, the transition to university status, leadership of our advancement office, alumni relations, marketing and communication, events management, student recruitment, and ancillary services (such as the book store, food services, catering, printing, etc), and a variety of other duties on our behalf, as needs arose.

Most recently, Harv McCullough, our former Dean of Trades and Technology, has held that position.  He will be stepping down this summer.  I am extremely grateful for his leadership and colleagueship, and he leaves a legacy of many achievements, most recently and notably the work that led to the establishment of the Agriculture Centre of Excellence.  Harv will begin his administrative leave, one that he deferred in order to take on the acting VP position.  As part of his leave assignment, I am asking him to continue with work supporting the ongoing development of the Agriculture Centre and the establishment of the network of educational, industry and business partners that form a vital part of this provincially-mandated project.

The duties of the Vice-President External will have to be redistributed.  Most will be reassigned to Leslie Courchesne, currently the Director of Marketing and Communication, and to Craig Toews, currently the Executive Director of Facilities and Campus Planning. Both will report directly to me.

Responsibility for the leadership of university advancement (UFV’s fundraising division), alumni relations, and government liaison will be added to Leslie Courchesne’s current responsibilities for marketing, internal and external communications, student recruiting and institutional events.  This combined unit will be renamed University Relations.  Leslie, as Executive Director, will report shortly on how she will structure this large division.

Responsibility for the leadership of ancillary services will move to Craig Toews, currently Executive Director, Facilities and Campus Planning, adding to his current responsibilities for campus planning and development. I have also asked him to take a leadership role in community liaison and partnerships, and resource development for the purpose of revenue generation.  His new title will be Executive Director, Campus Planning and Resource Development.

A few other changes in administrative responsibilities are needed to balance workloads.  Jackie Hogan, as Chief Financial Officer & Vice-President Administration, will take over responsibility for our Facilities division (from Craig Toews) and Information Technology Services (from Eric Davis).

A revised organizational chart will be distributed shortly.

This decision to eliminate a vice-presidency and reassign the work was not made lightly.  The number of administrative positions and allocation of funding for administration at UFV is already among the very lowest in the province.  Members of our senior administrative team already work hard at tough jobs, with limited resources and in a tightly-regulated environment that constrains our options and flexibility.  It is a tribute to their commitment to UFV that they are willing to take on additional responsibilities.  Please join me in thanking Leslie, Craig and Jackie.  I know I can count on you to give them your full support.


Mark D. Evered, PhD
President and Vice-Chancellor