Calling all science students! Are you interested in spending 2 weeks in London, UK next summer? All expenses paid!

ABOUT LIYSF The London International Youth Science Forum (LIYSF) is a two-week residential student event held at Imperial College London & The Royal Geographical Society, with lecture demonstrations from leading scientists, visits to world class laboratories and universities combined with cultural interaction, with 500 students aged 16-21 years old from 70 countries. Students can apply directly to … Read more

LIYSF 2022: Day 13

Now that Annabelle and I are settled back in Canada, it’s time to recap the 13th and final day of LIYSF! It is crazy to me that two weeks flew by so quickly, but I suppose that is a testament to how amazing our time in London truly was!  Our final day began bright and … Read more

LIYSF 2022: Day 12

Welcome to day 12 of LIYSF! This morning, my specialist lecture was unfortunately cancelled. I ended up spending my morning cycling through Hyde Park with one of my new friends from Australia, Anthony. We spent some time in the Italian gardens of Hyde which were stunning. Nothing like renting a bike for the day for … Read more

LIYSF 2022: Day 11

Welcome to a recap of day 11 at LIYSF 2022! Today was full of optional visits; everyone had a choice of various places to spend the morning. Annabelle and I decided to head to Cambridge, one of my most anticipated visits of the forum! We headed out nice and early for our two hour drive … Read more

LIYSF 2022: Day 10

Day 10 at LIYSF! Our morning started off with a group lecture about chemical engineering for the future from Dr. Ollie Folayan. He taught us about how engineering will have to adapt as the world moves towards cleaner energy sources such as hydrogen fuel and processes like carbon capture. In the afternoon, we had a … Read more

LIYSF 2022: Day 9

Welcome back! Today was a beautiful day in London, so Annabelle and I decided to venture out for some sightseeing! We started our morning at a beautiful coffee shop in the Westminster area for a morning coffee and croissant before our adventures. Prior to our trip, Annabelle and I put together a list of things … Read more

LIYSF 2022: Day 8

Oxfords or brogues? Welcome to day 8 of LIYSF! Both Rhien and I went on Oxford day trips today however, each of us visited different museums. I started my Oxford day with a tour of the History of Science museum. The highlight for me was an in-depth explanation of an astrolabe, complete with an exercise … Read more

LIYSF 2022: Day 7

We are officially halfway through LIYSF 2022! Today was an action packed day, filled with lots of learning, fun and songs!  Today was the annual specialist study day, a day where students get to choose a scientist to learn from for the day that is in their area of interest. The day was led by … Read more

LIYSF 2022: Day 6

Day 6 at LIYSF! Today I visited Airbus UK and Aerospace Bristol. Unfortunately, Airbus didn’t allow photos in any of their facilities but I’ll do my best to describe what I saw! Airbus has 25 locations across the UK and the location we visited today specializes in fuel systems, landing gear, and wings. Our tour … Read more

LIYSF 2022: Day 5

Welcome back! Today was day 5 of LIYSF! Today started off with a lecture demonstration by Steve McKechnie, a structural engineer and director at ARUP, a highly advanced engineering company here in the UK. He taught us about some of the fundamentals of engineering and showed us some of the amazing projects he has worked … Read more