UFV Biology Student, Andrew Alexander, wins Outstanding BSc Thesis Award in Aquatic Toxicology

“Enrichment, isolation, and identification of oil degrading bacteria from the Fraser Valley of British Columbia.”

Andrew Alexander-2014 Playle Award
2014 Playle Award – Andrew Alexander

Andrew received the Playle Award at the 41st Aquatic Toxicity Workshop in Ottawa, ON from Sept 28 – Oct. 1, 2014.

The very strict criteria makes it a difficult award to be sought, and one is not necessarily given out every year. Congratulations Andrew!

In each of the two categories (BSc and MSc), theses will be judged on the:

  • Quality of the science (50%)
  • Presentation of the thesis (20%)
  • Quality of the applicant, as reflected in their CV (30%)

Specifically, judges will assess each nomination by considering the following criteria:

  • Writing is appropriate for the target audience
  • Thesis makes a compelling argument for the significance of the student’s research within the context of the current literature
  • Thesis clearly articulates the student’s research goals
  • Results are skillfully interpreted in the thesis
  • Compelling discussion of the implications of findings
  • Thesis is clearly organized
  • Thesis is free of writing errors
  • Citations are presented consistently and professionally throughout the text and in the list of works cited
  • Tables and figures are clear, effective and informative
  • Nomination package demonstrates that the student is academically gifted
  • Student is involved in a broad range of activities
  • Student shows promise to continue his/her academic training and/or interest in toxicology

Full Award History and Criteria: ecotoxcan.ca/student-program/playle-awards-nomination/

Past Playle Award Winners: ecotoxcan.ca/student-program/playle-awards-nomination/playle-award-winners/