SASI’s ‘Where Are The Women’ Collects Stories of Punjabi Women in the Valley

The SASI is pleased to present its four-part story titled ‘Where Are The Women: Love, Solace, and Courage.’ This research project re-imagines archival images and their connected stories through an inclusion of women’s voices and lived experiences, providing the foundation for HERSTORY, while the narrative in the portraits continues timelessly into the next generations. The research, based on the interview of four South Asian women from the Fraser Valley who were separated from their partners for a number of years before reuniting with them in Canada, sought to interrupt that flow of time to re-inscribe the untold story into the images so that the story is complete. This research includes researching the archival images, and reimagining old family portraits- complete with the story as we learn it.

The stories of the four women from the Fraser Valley, Kartar Kaur, Bhagwant Kaur, Bachan Kaur, and Surjit Kaur, can all be viewed at:

The support for this project was based on a Centennial Legacy Fund grant received from the BC Historical Federation. The SASI is grateful for the BC Historical Federation for its consistent and ongoing support in the work the SASI does.