Vice-Chancellor Punjabi University Patiala Visits the SASI

Dr. B.S. Ghuman, Vice-Chancellor of Punjabi University Patiala visited the SASI on July 3, 2018. Dr. B.S. Ghuman (who is also a Senior Faculty Associate of the SASI) visited the UFV campus and the SASI to discuss the modalities of the MoU that UFV has had with PiU since 2010. There were some great conversations looking at the viability of providing internship opportunities at SASI and UFV for PiU Masters students. Dr. Ghuman was also particularly interested in pursuing research projects and interaction between faculty on the following:

(i) Political Economy and Diaspora with special reference to India

(ii) Skill development model in Canadian Institutions and Lessons for India.

Joining Dr. Ghuman was Dr. Dhian Kaur who is a Geography Professor at Punjab University (PU) in Chandigarh and has had a long relationship with the UFV/SASI. The SASI has an active MoU with PU as well and will be sending interns to India on the Queen Elizabeth Scholarship (QES) funded project under UFV Geography Faculty  Dr. Cherie Enns.

Dr. Joanne Maclean, UFV’s President and Vice-Chancellor welcomed Dr. Ghuman to UFV and echoed UFV’s commitment to the ongoing partnership between Punjabi University, Patiala. Dr. Ghuman in turn presented Dr. Maclean with an original Patiala Phulkari, a uniquely made textile out of the Punjab region.