Dr. Asma Qadri Visits SASI from the University of Punjab, Pakistan

The SASI was delighted to host Dr. Asma Qadri 0n April 30, 2018. Dr. Qadri is based in the Punjabi Department of the Oriental College of the University of Punjab in Pakistan. After doing her master’s in Punjabi Literature, she passed the Punjab Public Service Commission exam with distinction and joined the education department as a lecturer in 1999. She earned her doctorate for her thesis on 59 genres of Punjabi Classic poetry, ‘Punjabi Classici Shairi Da Sinf Vairva’. The work printed in three volumes in 2013 was well-received by the Punjabi readers and researchers in Pakistan and abroad.

Dr. Qadri’s current research work focuses on Punjabi classical poetry. Her research on Baba Farid’s works is going to published by the end of this year.

The mainstay of her work is the genres of Classic Punjabi poetry which are no more a tradition, at least for the literate urban Punjabi middle class. She works with a balanced and neutral approach, consulting references from Indian and Pakistan Punjab as well as from the works of English researchers.

The informal meet and greet was an opportunity for conversations about collaborative work and opportunities between the two Institutions.