SASI Hosts Inaugural Biennial Symposium

On November 30th, the SASI hosted its inaugural biennial symposium, Sharing our Understanding of Asia. The goal of this first symposium was to provide an opportunity for UFV faculty, staff and students interested in South Asia to present their research, projects, theories, critiques, papers, etc., in relation to their discipline and areas of interest. Sharing Our Understandings of South Asia encompasses the idea of South Asia as a geographic, cultural, political, economic, linguistic, religious, diasporic, historical and contemporary phenomenon.

With the transformation of the Centre for Indo Canadian Studies into the South Asian Studies Institute, we invited faculty, staff and students to explore with us what South Asia means to them and how the term relates to their experiences.

Some of the presenters explored the intersections of South Asia and its diaspora as it related to their research projects, discipline, teaching, education and/or their lived experience.

The SASI looks forward to new areas of exploration for its 2019 Symposium.