CICS Hosts Guests from the University of Mumbai

The Centre for Indo -Canadian Studies was pleased to host Dr. Nilufer Bharucha and Dr Sridhar Rajeshwaran of the University of Mumbai along with their Phd students on May 20th and May 21st. Dr. Bharucha is the Honourary Coordinator of the Indo-Canadian Studies Centre (ICSC) located in the University of Mumbai.  The ICSC was formed by the then BC Premier Gordon Campbell on his trade mission to India in 2008 in partnership with the CICS at UFV. Since 2008, the ongoing friendship and partnership between the CICS and ICSC has been beneficial for both parts. 

On May 20th, the CICS hosted a tea with Dr. Bharucha and Dr. Rajeshwaran alongside UFV colleagues and associates. The gathering allowed for the two sides to come together and discuss further opportunities for partnerships and programming between the University of Mumbai and various departments within the University of the Fraser Valley.

The CICS also hosted an evening event where both Dr. Bharucha and Dr. Rajeshwaran presented academic papers. Dr. Bharucha’s paper was entitled: The Indian Diaspora in the Global Age and Cross-Over Bollywood Cinema and Dr. Rajeshwaran’s was entitled: Imagining and Re-Imagining India: Deepa Mehta’s Films. Both papers were met with great interest and resulted in some fruitful dialogues.


DSC_0126DSC_0181mumbai university group with Minister de Jong B C