Transit strike Monday, March 20 – classes as scheduled

A transit strike will disrupt bus service to and from UFV and throughout the Fraser Valley beginning Monday, March 20, 2023. The union representing transit workers in the region has indicated service will be withdrawn and BC Transit is advising that this disruption will remain in place until further notice.

HandyDART service for customers will have limited availability according to this bulletin.

The UFV shuttle will continue to run — updates will be posted on the SUS shuttle page.

All UFV classes and activities at all campuses will continue as scheduled under normal operating hours.
Please allow extra time for your commute. If you cannot get to campus as you depend on transit, please contact your instructor or manager.

Transit areas affected:
Abbotsford, Mission, Chilliwack, Harrison, Agassiz, the District of Kent, and Hope. The Fraser Valley Express service (#66) will also be impacted.

Increased traffic:
UFV campuses may experience an increase in vehicle traffic which will impact parking lots and drop-off zones. Please allow extra time for your commute.

Carpooling, car sharing, and drop-off/pick-up:
You may want to investigate ride sharing or look at using online carpool apps or ride share providers. If you are being dropped off and picked up at UFV, please ensure you plan these locations in advance.

Further updates will be posted to and shared on UFV’s social media.

2 thoughts on “Transit strike Monday, March 20 – classes as scheduled”

  1. So you’re not actually doing anything about it or asking faculty to be accommodating, just ‘recommending’ we spend hundreds on Uber rides every week? Most students who take public transit do it because they’re broke and have no other option, especially with the rising cost of living.

    • Hi Ryan,
      Yes, you are correct, we have reminded instructors to consider accommodating students who may be unable to get to campus as a result of the dispute between the transit company and their drivers. UFV has not recommended anyone spend “hundreds on Uber rides” as you suggest, and we are sympathetic to students who rely on transit and must now find other ways to campus.

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