Update Wed, Nov. 30 5:45am: UFV campuses open under winter weather conditions

This message sent on behalf of UFV Safety and Security.

UFV campuses and centres are OPEN today, Wednesday, Nov 30 except for the Hope Centre which is closed. All classes on all other campuses are proceeding as scheduled under winter weather conditions.

Students should refer to usual communications channels with their faculty to determine their learning delivery method today.

Faculty, staff, and administrators should attend their usual work location. If you are unable to attend that location please contact your supervisor regarding working remotely.

Please drive and commute with care and allow extra time when travelling to and around UFV as crews work to clear parking lots, walkways, and entrances.

Please be prepared for winter weather. Warm winter clothing and footwear are necessary.

The UFV Campus Connector shuttle bus will be operating.

Libraries at both the Abbotsford and Chilliwack campuses will operate according to this schedule.

Check ufv.ca for updates.


19 thoughts on “Update Wed, Nov. 30 5:45am: UFV campuses open under winter weather conditions”

    • Thanks Mason,
      The decision to travel is always yours – if you cannot make it please contact your faculty or instructor. Take care out there.

  1. So many people won’t be able to attend classes today due to the conditions- it’s quite silly to be open, frankly.

    • Hi there Weston,
      Thanks for your message. We understand. Please remember the decision to travel is yours. If you decide you cannot make it, you should contact your faculty member to see if there is an alternate learning delivery method available for today (online etc.). Take it easy out there.

  2. many many students do not live around campus and must commute, yet the K-12 schools in abbotsford and chiliwack are both closed today.

    • Hi Leah,
      We hear you and take this factor and many others into consideration when consulting information/data sources including highway cams and road reports across the region, plus on the ground reports at our campuses. We also look at the trend in the weather models – today’s trend (as of 0600) looks like the snow end will this morning with temps rising. If you decide it is not safe to travel, then we understand and you should contact your faculty member to see what alternatives are available for learning today.

  3. abbotsford and chiliwack school district is closed due to very icy weather conditions and unsafe roads…. why isn’t ufv as many students must make this commute and don’t live local

    • Lydia, Good morning.
      Your safety should always be your priority, so if you decide it’s not safe to travel, then we understand. Please contact your faculty member to let them know and to see what alternatives are available for learning today (online and remote options). We are very aware that UFV is a destination campus and so we look at the road conditions, traffic, warnings, forecasts, and on the ground reports when making this decision.

  4. yet chiliwack school district is closed because of unsafe icy roads and abbotsford school district is also closed.

    • Hello there Tyra,
      You’re correct: those School Districts are closed and if you feel you cannot attend your usual work or learning location due to a safety concern, then please speak with your instructor/faculty member to see if they have alternative methods of learning available today.

  5. for those with exams today, there is no choice in going to class and now are forced to commute through icy, unsafe roads. if both the chilliwack and abbotsford school districts are closed, it doesn’t make sense.

    • Hi Sarah. You always have a choice. Safety first. Please contact your faculty member re: your decision to not travel if that is what you decide. Faculty and instructors may very well have alternative methods of learning delivery set up for today.

        • Hi Marcus,
          UFV makes this decision based on a multitude of data points and perspectives that include road and highway conditions, on-the-ground reports, weather models, weather radar, warnings, and the ability to open campuses. This decision is always based on safety first. However, despite consulting data from across the region, we cannot be everywhere at once, nor can we make a decision for each student (or each staff or faculty member). Making the decision to travel based on safety will always ultimately be a call each individual will have to make. With the rise of online learning, many faculty will offer different methods of learning delivery.

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