UFV fall term final exam schedule set and published

The UFV fall semester final exam schedule has been updated and is now set. There have been changes to the previously posted schedule, so please visit the updated final exam listings.

Students have been sent a reminder via UFV student email to check this latest schedule and also have been informed of the academic accommodations below.

Student academic accommodations:

  • Students who receive a final grade of C- or D can request to have their grade converted to a credit (CR). Students still receive credit for the course, but a CR grade is not calculated in the GPA. The required form and further instructions will be available December 10.
  • Students who receive a final grade of F will automatically have their grade converted to an NCR (no credit). No application is required. The NCR grade is not calculated in the GPA.
  • Students who have spoken with their professors and have exhausted other options for course completion, such as an incomplete grade, can choose to withdraw from a course. More information and the required form are available here. Please note, students cannot withdraw if they have completed the final assignment for their course, or if they have written the final exam.

Support for students:

If you are a student, or if you know a student who needs support, please connect them with UFV services through the Priority Access to Student Supports (PASS) system. UFV has increased the number of people dedicated to PASS and activated a triage system to prioritize responses to those with greatest need.

Good luck to all students on your exams.

4 thoughts on “UFV fall term final exam schedule set and published”

  1. After this semester there should be a new poll on whether on not UFV should have a reading week before final exams in the fall semester.

    Many students have been bombarded with assignments and/or larger final examinations due to the floods. With this, they are struggling to keep up with the professor’s expectations. A significant amount of time for studying has been unitized for last minute supplementary assignments.

    • Hi Megan,

      It has been a stressful time for students and faculty, with the unexpected changes to course delivery methods caused by the flooding and road closures, and the one-week interruption of classes.

      There is a two-day period in our fall semester schedule (Sat, Dec 11, and Sun, Dec 12) when no exams are scheduled.

      If you need support or counselling to help you deal with the pressures you are facing, UFV offers support services through the Priority Access to Student Supports (PASS) system. E-mail studentsupport@ufv.ca to access this support.

  2. I was wondering if ufv is keeping an eye out for road conditions regarding this snow situation. Many buses/cars are getting stuck in surrey/langley area due to snow and i would be terrified to drive in these conditions. I was wondering if we’re receiving an update regarding tomorrows final exams by tonight or early tomorrow morning or if everything is processing as scheduled

    • Hi there,
      Yes exams are proceeding as scheduled. UFV is monitoring the weather. Next update at 7am Saturday, Dec. 18.

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