Employee Moves & Changes in July/August, 2022

Welcome to the new employees who joined us in July and August as well as some current employees that have moved into new positions. And congratulations to the temporary employees that have now become permanent! We are very excited to have you join the UFV team.


Welcome to Valentina Proietti, Assistant Professor, Psychology   Hello, my name is Valentina Proietti and I am a new Assistant Professor with the Department of Psychology at UFV. I was born and raised in Italy in a town close to Milan, and after obtaining my PhD and working as a clinical psychologist in Italy, I moved to Canada to continue my academic career as a post-doctoral research fellow at Brock University and Nipissing University (Ontario). After these amazing experiences, I finally arrived in beautiful British Columbia in 2018 to start my teaching career and am now very excited to join the faculty here at UFV! Throughout my academic career my research interests have focused on the investigation of face processing skills (i.e., identity recognition, emotion processing and trait judgment based on facial cues) and their development throughout the lifespan. Recently I have developed a new line of research on dehumanization, the tendency to view some individuals as less human than others, which may have important implication for race, age and gender-based discrimination. In line with my previous experience as a clinical psychologist and with my research interests, I teach courses in the areas of Clinical Psychology and Developmental Psychology.

Outside of academia, I am a proud mamma of three kids (1, 4 and 6 year-old) and partner to Shawn who is also a member of the Department of Psychology. We are thrilled to be working together here at UFV! As a family we love experiencing nature, traveling (especially to Italy 😉) and fun adventures.

  • Kevin Jeske, Director, Advisory Services & Labour Relations, HR
  • Javad Hadian, Assistant Professor, Agriculture
  • Keltie Ross, Librarian
  • Vincent Pagot, Building Maintenance Worker, Facilities
  • Allyson Jule, Dean, Faculty of Education, Community, and Human Development
  • Giuseppe Condello, Productions Manager, Theatre
  • Brigid Egan-Pimblett, Senior Accountant, Statutory Reporting, Financial Services
  • Somayeh Faghanipour, Assistant Professor, Nursing
  • Stephanie Johnston, Assistant Professor, Criminology
  • Mark Kersten, Assistant Professor, Criminology
  • Dina Navon, Assistant Professor, Biology
  • Eiji Okawa, Assistant Professor, History
  • Madison Pesowski, Assistant Professor, Psychology
  • Noah Schwartz, Assistant Professor, Political Science
  • Tony Biondi, Strategist, Digital Engagement
  • Sara Brune, Assistant Professor, Nursing


  • Alyson Gher-White, Coordinator, Indigenous Student Transition & Engagement
  • Sarah Beaulieu, Assistant Professor, School of Culture, Media and Society
  • Russell Campbell, Assistant Professor, School of Computing
  • Ismail El Sayad, Assistant Professor, School of Computing
  • Maecyn Klassen, Library Technician, East
  • Trevor Murray, Assistant Professor, Electronics
  • Alex Palameta, Assistant Professor Physics
  • Samantha Riarh, Assistant Professor, Nursing
  • Madison Soriano, Advisor, Centre for Accessibility Services
  • Lindsay Spielman, Assistant Professor, Nursing
  • Jacob Spooner, Assistant Professor, Chemistry
  • Nicole Stewart, Assistant Professor, Communications
  • Mark Thomson, Assistant Professor, Philosophy


  • Tracy Morrison, Manager, Office of the AVP, Research Engagement and Graduate Studies
  • Darren McDonald, Associate Director, Communications
  • Kristi Wood, Director, Client Experience
  • Sumitra Robertson, Assistant to the Dean, College of Arts
  • Devon Bailey, Sr. Officer, Annual Giving, University Advancement
  • Sanjit Bhalru, Manager, Student Wellness
  • Alana Dallaire, School Assistant, School of Computing
  • Kelly Guiaya, Coordinator, Field  Ed, School of Social Work& Human Services
  • Tara Kaszonyi, Coordinator, Practicum, Continuing Education
  • Liana Thompson, Executive Director, Student Academic Affairs
  • Cynthia Thomson, Assistant Professor, Kinesiology