Don’t Hide — Get Outside; Get Moving in June to Improve Your Mental Health




Did you know that simply moving your body benefits your mental health. Regular aerobic exercise can reduce depressive symptoms, boost your mood, increase  your energy, and reduce feelings of fatigue. Meditation, yoga and tai chi are all helpful in reducing symptoms of PTSD. When you change your posture and breathing techniques, you will notice less stress, anxiety, depression and an overall feeling of well-being.

So you see, your mind and body are intimately connected and the way you move can also affect the way you think and feel.

We’ve lived through so much stress and uncertainty the past two years. But we know one thing for sure: we will not hide our mental health. When we hide how we feel, we can’t get the help and support we sometimes need.

To feel well, we all need to have a good sense of self, feel hope, feel like we’re making a contribution, be resilient and enjoy ourselves. The pandemic has made this harder, but we can take a stand and do something to help. Physical activity, working towards a goal, connecting to our communities, and feeling a sense of belonging are essential to our mental health. Now more than ever.

Not Myself Today and the Canadian Mental Health Association support a nation-wide movement for mental health initiatives every June. This year, UFV, in partnership with our Employee Fitness Challenge – Strive to Thrive wants to piggy back onto their awareness campaign by encouraging our employees to focus on their own mental and physical health this June.

Our June program is called “Don’t Hide – Get Outside” and while we are encouraging you to do any type of activity you like outside, our theme is going to be on (and around) the water!

Here is another opportunity for all of our UFV community and their families to move their bodies, hone their coping strategies, and connect with our community.

We challenge you to get outside as much as possible during the month of June — maybe it’s on your lunch break or maybe it’s a stroll along the river after work. Feel the soothing breeze as you walk along the water, smell the fresh air and focus on the full benefits, both physically and mentally, you get from being outside. Maybe listen to your favorite music or just enjoy the peaceful sounds of nature — whatever helps you feel good. Move for yourself, for your mental and physical health and for the people around you. Set yourself a goal and track your progress.

We’d love to hear about the activities you do – send pictures and stories for us to share. Our UFV community needs to come together to support each other as we strive to maintain a balanced and healthy lifestyle.