Employee Fitness Challenge – Indigenous Health & Wellness Practices

The Employee Fitness Challenge is super excited to invite you to an exciting session with Shyama-Priya who will lead us through a one-hour session at 11:30 am on Wednesday, April 14. The Zoom link has been sent to all the the Fitness Challenge members, but anyone is welcome so email me at nancy.scarrow@ufv.ca if you’d like to join the fun.

The Wild Moccasin Dancers, Shyama-Priya, will display the beauty of pow wow culture. In this event, Shyama-Priya will first provide us with a brief introduction of who she is and what she does in regards to her own health and wellness practices. Next she will lead us through a yoga warm-up, so we suggest every participant has a quiet, open space with a yoga mat and some water. For the remainder of the session, we will learn the inter tribal steps to the drum beat, the basics of the jingle, grass and fancy steps. Lastly, we will cool-down with some more yoga and a quick meditation. This event will be very dynamic so let’s have some fun with this one!