Employee Appreciation Day — March 5

Friday, March 5 is a day for companies to thank their employees for their hard work and effort throughout the year. This day was created for the purpose of strengthening the bond between employer and employee. Because our employees are our greatest asset, the Human Resources department wants to express to you how much we value your service and appreciate all the hard work and dedication you have given to UFV, especially over this difficult past year as we navigated our way through a pandemic. Here are just a few messages from some of our staff to all of you:

“I appreciate that we work together to remain connected. I feel like I am building strong relationships with every person I work with though I started in a virtual environment. I appreciate people’s adaptability and patience while navigating our new norm.”

  • Tsitsi Chizengeni, Senior HR Advisor

“What I find most exceptional about our employees is how focused they all are on UFV’s core function, driving student success. Regardless of an employee’s position or work, UFV employees have a keen sense of how their work fits into student success, and they take pride in their part. It’s the janitors in my hallway working hard to ensure everything is clean and stocked when classes let out, our counsellors finding extra time in their busy schedules for the student in need, and our faculty members working patiently with a struggling student to maximize that student’s success. It’s much more, and it’s all of you. I see you. We see you. You are awesome and you are appreciated!”

  • Shawn Johnston, Director, Labour Relations

“One of the employees that I work with is consistently positive, friendly, caring and checks-in with me to see how I my day or week has been going, before we get down to business.  Although we are both working remotely, it is so wonderful to be greeted by a friendly face each and every time. Another employee has shown tremendous dedication to their work despite feeling the pressures of COVID, child-care, working remotely, and managing a busy workload.  She is always ready, willing and able to step up to a challenge and lend a hand when needed!”

  • Mark Pearson, Senior HR Advisor

“I appreciate the hard work and dedication of UFV employees. This has been particularly evident over the past year, where we have all been challenged with an increased workload and additional barriers. UFV employees are so resilient and dedicated; nothing, not even a pandemic, is going to stop them from continuing on with their work, and continue to do it with a positive attitude to boot! “

  • Tara Rozenek, Senior HR Advisor

“I’ve been working really hard to try to keep our employees connected, and it really warms my heart to see so many of them wanting the same thing! It is evident by the words of support and encouragement that they send me that they also appreciate what I’m doing. We are truly a great team just trying to get through this pandemic as best we can. I have been blown away by our employees’ commitment to maintaining UFV’s high standards during what could have been a very difficult situation. They make it look easy and I am super proud to work alongside them every day. But I do miss the “in-person” faces and am so looking forward seeing everyone again soon.”

  • Nancy Scarrow, Executive Assistant to the AVP, Human Resources

“I really appreciate colleagues who have been working on the Banner Migration Project — from the IT team to Business Transformation Office team, HR, Student Affairs and Finance teams that have done testing and troubleshooting.  It is that essential work, behind the scenes that so often is not appreciated as fully as it should be.”

  • Marnie Wright, Associate Vice President, Human Resources