2020 Employee Long-Service Recognition

Normally UFV’s annual Recognition Dinner takes place in May and is a wonderful evening that we all look forward to. It is a time for colleagues to come together and enjoy each other’s company, eat a delicious meal and reflect on your time here at UFV. But the universe threw us a curve ball this year and forced us to put our creativity hats on to figure out how to celebrate your accomplishments in a safe yet meaningful way. It is very important to us that our employees feel valued and appreciated for their hard work and dedication, especially at this challenging time. If you are celebrating a milestone year in 2020, you should have received a package in your mailbox that we hope makes you feel that way! Congratulations to you all for the years of service and commitment you have given. Your role is significant to UFV’s success and we are very grateful. I invite you to enjoy this photo Flickr set that features many of you over the years.  https://www.flickr.com/photos/ufv/albums/72157716775753511


10-YEAR 15-YEAR 20-YEAR 25-YEAR  30-YEAR  35-YEAR 
Marlene Affleck Nicole Adams Brent Bailey Robin Anderson Kevin Dunn Shelley Hayes
Cory Beshara Ian Affleck Eileen Burkholder Gloria Borrows Kathleen Gowdridge
Nathan Bialas Colleen Bell Rhonda Colwell Paula Brennan Robert Novack
Toni Carlson Lorraine Bingert Christine Dalton Cherie Enns Karen Power
Justin Cole Victoria Bolan Timothy Haner Andrew Gutteridge Barbara Salingre
Laurie Coreau Mark Breedveld Nicole Hitchens Joan Johannessen
Diane Cruickshank Kim Daley Akhtar Malik Randy Kelley
Rajnish Dhawan Shelley Dickie Shawn Millar Steven Marsh
Kerry Friesen Robin Endelman Rona Miller Fiona McQuarrie
Olesja (Alicia) Friesen David Fenske Lisa Moy Stephen Piper
Lisa Gibson Paula Funk Jacqueline Nolte Kim Polowek
Wayne Henry Darlene Glum Gerald Palmer Gayle Ramsden
Carolyn Heppner Janet Hamilton Boris Rapoport Michelle Rickaby
Bao-Van Hill Robyn Harcott Kim-Maru Striebel Greg St. Hilaire
Myra Hughes Claire Hay Sven Van de Wetering Grace Tsurumaru
So Jeon John Hogg Anna Wauthy Patti Wilson
Sunita Kaushal Aleksandra Idzior Bryan Wilkinson
Michelle La Flamme Alida Janmaat
Marcella LaFever Debbie Jobb
Zina Lee Amber Johnston
Kurtis Leguerrier Brian Justin
Anthony Lepki Lisa Kouwenhoven
Delinah Marples Marlene Murray
Heather McAlpine Janice Nagtegaal
Lisa McMartin Amy Prevost
Linda Miller Hong Qiao
Tia Noble Peter Raabe
Ruby Ord Scott Sheffield
Gabriela Pechlaner Paula Stubbings
Shawn Peters Yoichi Sunami
Treena Peters Scott Van Ek
Brenda Philip Dawna Williams
Adele Phillips Simon Xi
Sharanjit Sandhra
Brooke Seal
Hardip Shah
Kristen Switzer
Patricia Townsend
Ashley Trieu
Monika Vondras

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