Impact of COVID-19 on Post-Secondary Students: A Systematic Review of Institutional Reports

Screenshot of a digital infographic titled “Thematic Analysis”. The infographic shows stats on the reports compiled, coming from 58 schools, 170,616 students, 31 institutions, and 21 months. Categorical breakdowns show there is information included on health and wellness, academic achievement, student life, and faculty and university.

The British Columbia Council on Admissions & Transfer (BCCAT) has recently launched an interactive dashboard to share the results of a national study conducted by CHASI on the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on post-secondary students.

The analysis includes a repository of publicly available COVID-19 student impact reports, a cross-national literature review, thematic analysis of publicly available survey results, and analysis of key informant discussions.

In total, 58 COVID-19 student impact reports were identified, representing 31 post-secondary institutions and organizations across Canada. In addition, 11 post-secondary institutions and organizations participated in a key informant discussion.

To view all of the dashboard’s data and read the results of the literature review and the thematic analysis, visit the Impact of COVID-19 on Post-Secondary Students dashboard.