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Kinesiology students seek fitness clients for clinical course

Are you an adult with a clinical medical condition who would like a little help with fitness planning? KIN 463, Clinical Exercise Therapy, is the final course that students graduating in the exercise science stream of kinesiology complete in order to understand how to counsel and apply exercise testing and prescription to individuals that have […]

A mother-daughter duo reflect on their time together at UFV

It’s not very typical for your mum join you in your graduation photo, but Isabelle St-Martin didn’t mind: her mum is a new graduate too! Both Isabelle and her mum, Dr. Shelley Canning, have been working hard at their credential for years. Shelley, who is an associate professor of nursing at UFV and an elected […]

Illustration of career mapping tool

New Career Mapping tool to be game-changing for students: Including the ones who led its development

Justin Trudeau was once a teacher. The Rock was a professional football player. Jennifer Aniston was a telemarketer. The career trajectory for most people will take several detours. People change departments, change companies, and even change industries. A recent study indicates that the average Canadian worker will switch jobs 15 times in their lifetime. Liana […]

Digital mapping research position led to career job for Lyndon Hunter

Digital mapping. Satellite imagery. Statistical analysis. Sound intriguing? Lyndon Hunter sure thinks so. Whether it’s mapping travel plans or mapping weather patterns, Lyndon has been interested in mapping as far back as he can remember. Lyndon had never taken an agriculture course but that didn’t dissuade him from accepting the chance to work as a […]

CityStudio Hubbub student showcase launches April 27

CityStudio Abbotsford and CityStudio Chilliwack are launching a joint digital Hubbub student showcase on Tues, April 27. To view the students’ work, please follow the link: https://letstalkabbotsford.ca/citystudio-virtual-hubbub-winter2021 This is Hubbub #7 for CityStudio Abbotsford, which has become a recognized component of the City-University collaboration. The CityStudio Chilliwack is marking its inaugural semester with Hubbub #1. […]

Student research award winners announced

The votes are in! Here are the 2021 student research award recipients: 2021 Award Recipients President Award — Regan Thompson (Psychology) Vice President, Students Award — Kennedy Zwarych (Biology) Provost & Vice-President, Academic Award — Kevin Gajsek, Brianna Whatley, Gavyn Lastoria (Chemistry) Dean, College of Arts Award — Michelle Grafton (Sociology) Dean, Faculty of Applied […]

UFV helped barista go from steaming lattes to STEM research

When Emily Rettich graduated high school and wasn’t sure what her next step should be. UFV helped her find out, and introduced her to career options within the STEM field. After a few years off for travel and work in the service sector perfecting her barista skills, Emily enrolled at UFV, working towards a bachelor’s […]