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UFV Athletic Centre gets lighting upgrade ahead of WBB Championships

UFV Athletic Centre gets lighting upgrade ahead of WBB Championships

A look at newly-installed LED lighting in the north gym at the UFV Athletic Centre.

The stars of Canada West women’s basketball will shine bright when UFV hosts the 2024 Canada West Basketball Championships Feb 21-25, and so will the lights at the UFV Athletic Centre. Recent upgrades have replaced fluorescent and metal halide lighting with LED (light emitting diode) technology. This upgrade results in brighter illumination and 46 per cent energy savings.

“This upgrade not only enhances the efficiency of our facilities but also fosters an environment conducive to excellence in both athletics and academics,” says Doran Hoge, UFV director of energy and environmental sustainability in the Office of Sustainability. “This upgrade not only enhances the aesthetics and functionality of our athletic facilities but also underscores our commitment to sustainability and responsible resource management.”

The new lighting has benefits beyond energy savings. LED bulbs require less maintenance and have a longer lifespan. They don’t contain toxic elements like mercury, so when they do reach the end of their life, they are safer to recycle. They don’t produce a lot of heat, helping to keep the building cool, and they are dimmable. The lights can be turned down when full brightness is not required, contributing to energy savings.

A crew working on the LED lighting installation.

These specific lights were chosen based on their compatibility with the building’s existing electrical configuration, helping to decrease the project’s complexity.

The UFV athletics department helped immensely, coordinating closures of the building with the electrician. Without that assistance, the project may not have met its deadline. Steve Tuckwood, UFV athletics director, says feedback from athletes and user groups has been positive.

“UFV’s commitment to innovation and efficiency means this project has accomplished multiple goals for athletics and campus recreation,” he says.

A portion of this project was funded by BC Hydro, and Hoge says the university is grateful for their continued support in making UFV more energy efficient.

Changing over the lights wasn’t a simple matter of swapping out bulbs. The finished product is the result of a process that included design and consultation, supply procurement, logistics, installation, and demolition/disposal.

Renovation projects have the potential to create a lot of waste, but Hoge says only one per cent (by volume) of the waste generated by this lighting upgrade ended up at the landfill. Removed fixtures were broken down into plastic covers, sockets, lamps, electronics, glass, wiring and metal. Only the plastic covers and sockets went to the landfill, the rest of the parts were recycled.

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