University of the Fraser Valley

Strategic Initiatives Fund projects to be showcased March 1-9

Strategic Initiatives Fund projects to be showcased March 1-9

Come and help celebrate the completion of projects funded by the Strategic Initiative Fund.

Project themes include Indigenization and Reconciliation, Community Engagement, Lifelong Learning, and others. Join us as UFV faculty and staff reflect on their work in a series of events from March 1 to 9. Students, staff, and faculty are welcome to join!

You can attend the presentation in three ways:

  • Presentations will be held on the Abbotsford campus in A225
  • Live stream in Chilliwack atrium and in Abbotsford Spirit Bear lounge
  • Links available for those who are not able to attend on campus

Wed, March 1

11 am–3 pm
Clothing Exchange and Repair Fair (Evered Hall)
Stefania Pizzirani

Thurs, March 2


11:45 am
Cowiyes/Xwithet! — Rise Up/Wake Up!
Lolehawk Laura Buker

12:20 pm
How Age-Friendly is UFV? An Evaluation of Current Gaps and Future Directions
Shelley Canning

12:45 pm
Enactus UFV AgroHired Project
Saeed Rahman

Monday, March 6


12:05 pm
Building Social-Emotional Resiliency (BSER) through Mindfulness in Key Organizations Serving At-Risk Population in the Eastern Fraser Valley
Seonaigh MacPherson

12:40 pm
Collaborative Land Use Planning Program Development
Cherie Enns

Tuesday, March 7


11:45 am
Voices of Passion and Purpose: Inspiring Stories from the Field.
Kelly Guiaya

12:05 pm
Transitioning to a Successful Career Start: Creating a “Human Library” of CAS-registered Students’ Lived Experiences                Larissa Horne

12:25 pm
Biosensor and Automation Technology for Beef, Sheep and Goat Producers in the Fraser Valley: GAPS Analysis                              Tadhg O’Leary

12:45 pm
Dismantling Settler-Colonialism Worldview in CE
Carolyn MacLaren

1:05 pm
Decolonizing and Indigenizing the Department of Adult Education:Learning to Walk                                                                                   Chris Campbell

Wednesday, March 8


11:45 am
Building Open Education Practices at UFV
Martin Warkentin

12:05 pm
Ítelstexw Te Shxwelí (Feeding the Soul) Honouring and Potlatch
Teresa Carlson

12:35 pm
Images of Newcoming
Amea Wilbur

12:55 pm
Precision Vegetable Garden Watering System
Lin Long

1:20 pm
Capturing and Valuing the Lived Experiences of Refugees in the Fraser Valley through Digital Storytelling                                        Geetanjali Gill

Thursday, March 9


11:35 am
Mathxwi First Nation Curriculum Project
Vandy Britton

12:00 pm
Nursing Mentorship in Action
Lisa Almos