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A treasure trove of knowledge in 120 seconds: faculty microlectures — Feb 9 

A treasure trove of knowledge in 120 seconds: faculty microlectures — Feb 9 

What if you could take an entire course in two minutes? Sound impossible? Maybe. But you’d be surprised how much you can learn in just 120 seconds, especially when an expert is sharing their knowledge. 

UFV faculty presenters will take the stage at the annual faculty microlectures for a maximum of two minutes each to speak about the findings and implications of their research. 

Learn about two dozen new topics in under an hour. 

Come visit Abby A219 (former Spirit Bear Café) in Building A on the Abbotsford campus to hear the lectures on Thurs, February 9, 11:30 am-1230 pm. 

Researchers take the stage one after the other, in rapid succession, for two minutes each to speak about the exciting findings and implications of their research. The event lasts about an hour, with presenters and audience members encouraged to stick around for discussion and networking afterward at the research publication celebration in nearby Abby A225 (boardroom) Light refreshments will be provided. 

Thurs, Feb 9, 11:30 am–12:30 pm
Abby A219 (former Spirit Bear Café) 

Followed by the Publication Celebration, 12:30-2 pm
Abby A225 

This year’s topics and presenters: 

The Need for Anti-casteism Education and Social Consciousness in Canada | Dr. Satwinder Bains, School of Culture, Media, and Society | South Asian Studies Institute (SASI) 

Dementia-Friendly Cancer Care | Dr. Shelley Canning, School of Health Studies | CERA 

The Anarchy Police (Re)Revisited: Threat, Violence, and Self-Defense | Dr. Stanislav Vysotsky, Criminology and Criminal Justice 

The Anatomy of a Crisis — Exploring the Current State of Affairs of Emergency Medical Services in Alberta |Dr. Michael Corman, School of Culture, Media, and Society 

Learning During a Pandemic: The Student Nurse Experience | Lisa Almos, School of Health Studies 

Making Live and Letting Die: Nepali Migrant Workers Returning from India Encounter the State Amid the COVID-19 Pandemic | Dr. Karun Karki, School of Social Work and Human Services 

Engaging First Nations Youth in Health Messaging: Storytelling with Full Performance Capture | Dr. Cindy Jardine, Tier One Canada Research Chair, Health and Community 

Canadian Gun Control Policy | Dr. Noah Schwartz, Political Science 

Alienation and Confusion: Experiences of Service Providers Working with HIV Communities Amidst COVID-19 | Dr. Rita Dhungel, School of Social Work and Human Services 

COVID-19 Vaccine Attitudes and Healthcare Interactions Among Temporary Foreign Agricultural Workers in British Columbia | Marinel Kniseley, Health Sciences 

Nursing Sudents’ Experience of Moral Distress in the Clinical Setting | Sarah Johanson, School of Health Studies 

The White Settler Imagination of Hometown Hockey | Brett Pardy, School of Culture, Media, and Society 

Tactical Urbanism for Mission Waterfront Development | Dr. Afia Raja, School of Land Use and Environmental Change 

This Mass Atrocity was Brought to You by the Ivory Trade: Linking Transnational Organized and International Crimes | Dr. Mark Kersten, Criminology and Criminal Justice 

Capturing the Stories and Experiences of Migrant South Asian Mothers During the COVID-19 Pandemic | Dr. Ashleigh Rushton, Health Sciences 

Ebb and Flow: Conducting Community Research Post Disaster | Chelsea Klassen, CHASI Hub 

What does Reddit say? Goal-pursuit Strategies Discussed in Online Communities | Dr. Zoë Francis, Psychology 

All Together Now: Choral Responses, Gender and Linguistic Space in a Cameroonian Primary Classroom | Dr. Allyson Jule, Faculty of Education, Community, and Human Development 

Walking in the Steps of Many: Sedimentation and Education | Hannah Celinski, Integrated Studies 

Evaluating Situation Tables in British Columbia | Dr. Stephanie Johnston, Criminology and Criminal Justice 

Images of Newcoming | Dr. Brianna Strumm, School of Social Work and Human Services, Dr. Amea Wilbur, Adult Education 

Ebbs and Flows: Canadian Songs on the Year-End Top 100 in Canada and the United States, 19702020 | Dr. Eric Spalding, School of Culture, Media, and Society 

Representation of Caste Politics in Punjabi Cinema| Dr. Prabhjot Parmar, English 

The 20 Harvest Project | Dr. Michelle Superle, English