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Three 30-year employees at the long-service celebration: Maple Crozier, Jane Webb, and Eric Davis.

2022 long-service employees celebrated

2022 long-service employees celebrated




Employees who have been around for a decade or more had the chance to be celebrated in person on May 16 at a dinner event at the Clarion Inn.

President Joanne MacLean was delighted to greet the long-service employees and retiring faculty members who are receiving professor emeritus status in person after two years when the event could not be held due to the pandemic.

“It’s great to have a chance to gather and connect and celebrate accomplishment at a time in our history when we’ve been prevented from doing so by pandemic and environmental disaster. When we’ve been challenged to consider doing things differently … and while we’ve risen to the challenge, it has not been easy and it has not always been optimal. So being together tonight, spending this well-earned time together is truly a joy for me and I hope you’ve enjoyed yourself as well,” she said. “Each of you, … and our most distinguished professors, the Professor Emeriti awarded tonight … have made UFV into the institution it is today — A thriving place of learning, a work environment where people matter, a place of access to education for everyone across the Fraser Valley and beyond. A place of excellence, a place of inclusion. A House of Transformation!  I thank you for your dedication to our university, to each other, and to our students.”

MacLean also congratulated Service Excellence award winners Judy Larsen (Teaching Excellence), Carol Dickson (Staff Excellence), Karin Jager (Faculty Service Excellence), James Bedard (Research Excellence), Mark Goudsblom (Leadership), and the Teaching and Learning Centre team (Teamwork), who were also recognized at the dinner.

“Congratulations! You’re being celebrated this evening because your colleagues put you forward as the best of our best, as a leader among leaders, and I hope that you will take pride in your award, accept the compliments of your co-workers, and accept my thanks and congratulations for the distinct and exceptional contributions you have made, and will continue to make, to UFV.”

Congratulations to the following employees for reaching milestone years on 2022:

30 years

Kasey Alger

Leah Carr

Ron Dart

Eric Davis

Tim Herron

Maple Melder Crozier

Leslie Olsen

Doug Rasmussen

Terry Starr

Jane Webb

Tami White

25 years

Teresa Arroliga-Piper

Leonne Beebe

Connie Cyrull

Debbie Dyck

Dean Key

Davida Kidd

Christopher Leach

Edward Lo

Curtis Magnuson

Wayne Podrouzek

Tracy Porter

Alison Pritchard-Orr

Eric Spalding

David Thomson

Susan Travassos

20 years

Anastasia Anderson

Rilla Apostolakis

Chris Bertram

Mark Brosinski

Jacqueline Bryce

Helen Butner

Julia Dodge

Cecelia Grant

Shirley Hardman

Kerry Johnson

Gilmour Jope

Anna Kuczynska

Dana Landry

Kimberley Norman

Sandra Smith

Pierce Stoeckly

Balraj Sumra

Brandon Tournier

Natasha Tvete

15 years

Avril Alfred

Tetsuomi Anzai

Adrianna Bakos

Marie Betker

Susan Brown

Josephine Charlie

Kim Christianson

Camilla Coates

Heather Compeau

Jagdeep Deol

Carol Dickson

Denise Duarte

Alexander Duff

Michelle Elliot

Garry Fehr

Denise Fisher

Danielle Fournier

Christopher Friesen

Dawn Holt

Andrea Hughes

Christopher Humphries

Fiona Ives

Sarah Johanson

Charline Johnsen

Valentina Jovanovic

Soowook Kim

Trena King

Patrick McGurk

Sheila McKay

Nicola Mooney

Lee Newbery

Linda Pardy

Cindy Schultz

Shelley Stefan

Stephanie Stenerson

Edward Visser

Leah Whitehouse

Nicole Young

10 years

Kuljit Badesha

James Bedard

Renata Donohue

Claude Dorion

Christina Forcier

Kenneth Gariepy

Peter Geller

Amir Hajbaba

Arlene Haley

Wenona Hall

Jonathon Heidt

Alicia Hurley

Karin Jager

Michelle Johnson

Selena Karli

Tammy Kornelsen

Vanessa Krahn

Nicole Kungle

Lucila Lee

Joanne MacLean

Seonaigh MacPherson

Maureen Murphy

Gabriel Murray

Carly Nagtegaal

Mark Pearson

Danijel Ristic

Bosu Seo

Michelle Superle

Jason Thomas

Michelle Vandepol

Shannon Wilson

Alan Wiseman

Holly Zonneveld


Service Recognition Dinner ~ 2022