Update on week one of Fraser Valley flood with President Joanne MacLean

A message from UFV President Joanne MacLean:

What a week it has been. The flood in the Fraser Valley has affected so many and reached almost to our campus doors.UFV cancelled classes out of compassion and care for our community and those students, faculty, and staff who have had to leave their homes, or who have had their livelihood decimated. As we have all through the COVID-19 crisis, we have kept our buildings open in case refuge and solace could be found from being inside UFV. Our doors have not closed on our community.Thank you for adapting to this latest huge challenge. I draw strength from your determination and your ability to evolve and overcome obstacles that seem to arrive in a relentless fashion.Please watch this short video to see how you can access resources and help students and those in the community who are impacted by the flood.

Take care, stay safe. We will get through this together.

If you are able and want to provide financial support during this event, donations to the Abbotsford Disaster Relief Fund can be made online at https://abbotsfordcf.org/disaster.

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