UFV celebrates 2021 long-service employees

Heather Robertson (Theatre — 20 years), Rupi Sidhu (Print Services — 20 years), Darren Blakeborough (SCMS — 15 years) and Edward Akuffo (Political Science — 10 years) are just some of the more than 100 employees celebrating milestone years in 2021.

It’s a big year for employment milestones at UFV. More than 100 employees (109 to be exact) are celebrating a significant work anniversary this year. Congratulations to all those marking a 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, or 35-year anniversary of employment at UFV in 2021.

(Sorry we could not find a photo of everyone. Note: the chart of employees is best viewed on a full-screen computer. Some columns are cut off in mobile-view.)

Because of your commitment and dedication, UFV is a wonderful place to work and learn, and you all play a huge part in our success! Congratulations to:

10 years
15 years
20 years
25 years
30 years
35 years
Edward Akuffo, 10 years David Anderson, 15 years
Donna Alary, 20 years


Sandra Cavan, 25 years

Anne Russell, 30 years Ken Humbke, 35 years

Rebekah Brackett, 10 years Satwinder Bains, 15 years

Kevin Antonishen, 20 years
Daphne Cockerill, 25 years
Leandra Chapman, 10 years Darren Blakeborough, 15 years

James Carson, 20 years Bryan Daniel, 25 years



Laura Crawford, 10 years


Gianina Bocsanu,15 years
Shannon Draney, 20 years Greg Davis, 25 years
Heather Davis-Fisch, 10 years

Jason Brandenburg, 15 years


Celeste-tina Hernandez, 20 years

Vlad Dvoracek, 25 years
David Dobson, 10 years


Joanne Brands, 15 years Nicole Klassen, 20 years Sharon Gillies, 25 years

Tracy Evans,10 years


Shelley Canning, 15 years

Darlene Labbe, 20 years

Colleen Heron, 25 years
Marla Fralick, 10 years


Karen Chadsey, 15 years


Mary-Anne MacDougall, 20 years

Gordon Jang, 25 years
Korina Gratton, 10 years

Susan Duncan, 15 years Lorne Mackenzie, 20 years Alyson Seale, 25 years
Moira Guzyk, 10 years


Shelley Engen, 15 years David Milobar, 20 years
Christine Slavik, 25 years

Jerry Haak, 10 years


Amanda Grimson, 15 years
Gillian Mimmack, 20 years

Rhonda Snow, 25 years


Casandra Hincks, 10 years


Karen Hadden, 15 years Sean Parkinson, 20 years

Anthony Stea, 25 years

Alastair Hodges, 10 years

Jonathan Hughes, 15 years

Talia Q, 20 years Katherine Watson, 25 years
Mike Ivanof, 10 years




Nicholas Johnson, 15 years Cindy Rammage, 20 years

Lesley Jessiman, 10 years Beverly Jones, 15 years

Peter Rasquinha, 20 years
Kelly Koch, 10 years
Raymond Leung, 15 years

Heather Robertson, 20 years

Ghizlane Laghzaoui, 10 years
Keith Lownie, 15 years


Tara Rozenek, 20 years
Sitaniselao (Stan) Manu, 10 years

Leona MacDonald, 15 years


Rupi Sidhu, 20 years
Sheldon Marche, 10 years


Andrea MacPherson, 15 years

Patrick Taddy, 20 years
Kate McCulloch, 10 years

Nirvarjot Mahil, 15 years Candace Taylor, 20 years
Hayli Millar, 10 years

Michael Maschek, 15 years

Hamish Telford, 20 years

Veronica Moore, 10 years

Kim Milnes, 15 years
Elicia Tournier, 20 years
Christine Nehring, 10 years

Samantha Pattridge, 15 years

Ron Zitron, 20 years
Lenore Newman, 10 years

Emiko Petit, 15 years


Christina O’Brien, 10 years Ravinder Philips, 15 years
Marcel Offroy, 10 years


Steven Schroeder, 15 years

Leon Pan, 10 years


Scott Shupe, 15 years

Prabhjot Parmar, 10 years
Rodney Smith, 15 years

Melania Popescu, 10 years


Sheila St. Laurent, 15 years

Egor Rapoport, 10 years
Deanna Stelting, 15 years


Sherry Rempel, 10 years


Cindy Stewart, 15 years

Valerie Ruddick, 10 years Shelaugh Thomson, 15 years
Melinda Saretzky, 10 years


Debbie Ward, 15 years

Navneet Sidhu, 10 years


Alisa Webb, 15 years

Awneet Sivia, 10 years

Liana Thompson, 10 years

Benjamin Vanderlei, 10 years


We went searching in the photo archives and managed to find some oldies of a few of our long-service employees:

International Women

Thanks so much for all you do for UFV.


10 years
Edward Akuffo
Rebekah Brackett
Leandra Chapman
Laura Crawford
Heather Davis-Fisch
David Dobson
Tracy Evans
Marla Fralick
Korina Gratton
Moira Guzyk
Jerry Haak
Casandra Hincks
Alastair Hodges
Mike Ivanof
Lesley Jessiman
Kelly Koch
Ghizlane Laghzaoui
Sitaniselao (Stan) Manu
Sheldon Marche
Kate McCulloch
Hayli Millar
Veronica Moore
Christine Nehring
Lenore Newman
Christina O’Brien
Marcel Offroy
Leon Pan
Prabhjot Parmar
Melania Popescu
Egor Rapoport
Sherry Rempel
Valerie Ruddick
Meinda Saretzky
Navneet Sidhu
Awneet Sivia
Liana Thompson
Benjamin Vanderlei

15 years
David Anderson
Satwinder Bains
Darren Blakeborough
Gianina Bocsanu
Jason Brandenburg
Joanne Brands
Shelley Canning
Karen Chadsey
Susa Duncan
Shelley Engen
Amanda Grimson
Karen Hadden
Jonathan Hughes
Nicholas Johnson
Beverly Jones Redekop
Raymond Leung
Keith Lownie
Leona MacDonald
Andrea MacPherson
Nirvarjot Mahil
Michael Maschek
Kim Mines
Samantha Pattridge
Emiko Petit
Ravinder Philips
Steven Schroeder
Scott Shupe
Rodney Smith
Sheila St. Laurent
Deanna Stelting
Cindy Stewart
Shelaugh Thomson
Debbie Ward
Alisa Webb

20 years
Donna Alary
Kevin Antonishen
James Carson
Shannon Draney
Celeste-tina Hernandez
Nicole Klassen
Darlene Labbe
Mary-Anne MacDougall
Lorne Mackenzie
David Milobar
Gillian Mimmack
Sean Parkinson
Talia Q
Cindy Rammage
Peter Rasquinha
Heather Robertson
Tara Rozenek
Rupinderjit Sidhu
Patrick Taddy
Candace Taylor
Hamish Telford
Elicia Tournier
Ron Zitron

25 years
Sandra Cavan
Daphne Cockerill
Bryan Daniel
Gregory Davis
Vladimir Dvoracek
Sharon Gillies
Colleen Heron
Gordon Jang
Alyson Seale
Christine Slavik
Rhonda Snow
Anthony Stea
Katherine Watson

30 years
Anne Russell

35 years
Ken Humbke

Thanks so much for all you do for UFV.

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