Winter 2021 – a message for UFV students


A message from Dr. Alisa Webb, UFV Vice-President, Students

Thank you for approaching your education this Fall with determination, enthusiasm, and an open mind. We know this transition may not have been easy for you and we appreciate that you have persevered and are continuing your studies with UFV.

As you probably know, COVID-19 will continue to be a major factor in the educational environment for the foreseeable future and UFV’s number one priority in this environment continues to be your health and well-being and the safety of our faculty, staff, and our broader community.

During the pandemic, the University follows the directives of the Provincial Health Officer, Health Canada, and the BC Ministry of Advanced Education, Skills, and Training. With these directives in mind, UFV has made the following decision:

Education will continue to be delivered primarily online for the Winter 2021 semester with opportunities for limited face-to-face (F2F) instruction where deemed essential to achieving learning outcomes.

UFV remains committed to providing a high quality educational experience for students online and F2F. Courses that have a face-to-face component will be identified when the Winter 2021 timetable is released in early November.

Please visit our websites that provide online learning resources and health and wellness support services as you continue to navigate the semester at UFV.

UFV wishes you success with your assignments, papers, mid-terms for the remainder of the semester and beyond.


Dr. Alisa Webb, Vice-President, Students

2 Responses to Winter 2021 – a message for UFV students

  1. David Wong October 3, 2020 at 10:06 am #

    Any substantial help ?

    1 On line materials charge (rental charges)
    2 Tuitions cost. ( Online)
    3 UVF health care charges on top of Povincial
    Health Care.

    Please review to see whether these charges
    are really help to students.

    • Dave Pinton October 5, 2020 at 10:10 am #

      Thanks for your inquiry, David. Answers, details and links that may help with your inquiry are below.

      1 On line materials charge (rental charges)
      I’m sorry, I’m not quite sure precisely which rental charge you’re referring to here. Online costs are rising with the increase in technological improvements needed to enhance the online experience. Please feel free to provide a link to the fee or a further explanation.

      2 Tuitions cost. ( Online)
      First and foremost, UFV remains dedicated to providing you with a quality educational experience regardless of delivery method or model.
      • Tuition provides resources that ensure UFV is able to continue teaching and offering support services to you and to other students.
      • Delivering courses online instead of in a classroom will unfortunately not reduce costs. The shift to online and, in some cases, hybrid course delivery, means UFV is making investments in technology and training to support web-based/online learning. These include:
      o Hiring additional learning strategists to support faculty in moving courses online.
      o Investing heavily in technology. We have focused on securing virtual meeting tools, remote access to UFV computer labs, additional add-ins to enhance Blackboard online, and other important virtual learning and collaboration tools.
      o UFV has ensured online access to key learning supports for students, such as tutoring through the Academic Success Centre and access to learning materials, librarians, and support services including counselling, financial aid, and more.
      3 UVF health care charges on top of Povincial
      Health Care.

      This is a Student Union Society fee that helps people without medical coverage obtain dental and medical coverage for themselves and their families. If you have existing health and dental insurance it may be possible to opt out of this plan. For more information, contact at 1-866-358-4437 or visit

      Here is a full list of the measures we are taking and more explanation around fees and tuition.
      If you’re worried about covering tuition, or meeting financial obligations, we encourage you to look at the financial aid available here.