UFV welcomes nearly 300 students at Fall Invocation

On September 8, UFV’s annual Fall Invocation ceremony premiered online to welcome students to their new semester, and mark the beginning of Welcome Weeks.

Organized by Student Life’s New Student Orientation (NSO) team, the event hosted speakers such as Chantelle Trainor-Matties, Indigenous artist and UFV alum; Dr. Joanne MacLean, President and Vice-Chancellor; Jessica Levesque, Student Union Society President; Cambree Lovesy, recording artist and UFV student; various UFV services, some of which included the Centre for Career and Experiential Learning Centre (CECE), Student Life, Counselling, Campus Rec, UFV International, the Library, the Centre for Accessibility Services (CAS), and so many more; faculty Deans; and, finally, UFV student ambassadors.

With nearly 300 viewers, the live premiere shared messages of positivity and encouragement — with the resounding phrase, “You’ve got this!” Students, faculty, and staff in the live chat buzzed with excitement and anticipation:

“This is such a wholesome community,” one student shared in the live chat as others connected about their academic programs, shared reactions to the Invocation ceremony, and offered one another support for the upcoming semester. Another student shared, “This is a very warm welcome to all the first-year students.”

President Dr. Joanne MacLean echoed these kind messages by stating, “We are a university that cares deeply for our students and their achievements, and in fact, we measure our success by your success.

Sierra Gustafson, a UFV student ambassador, stated to her fellow students, “I want you to know that, as an institution and community, UFV is here to welcome and support you as you begin this next chapter.”

There have now been more than 1,700 views of the ceremony online.

Experience this year’s Fall 2020 Invocation ceremony (with live chat replay) on YouTube.

Interested in connecting with your UFV community? Join in on Welcome Weeks, from September 8 to 25! Follow UFV NSO on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter for updates on NSO programming.

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