Like speed dating for research — it’s the Faculty microlectures on Feb 26

Expand your academic palate and sample new subject areas with an interdisciplinary afternoon showcasing faculty research at UFV. Faculty presenters each take the stage for a maximum of two minutes and speak about the exciting findings and implications of their research. Feed your academic appetite and learn about 15 new topics in under an hour at UFV’s Faculty Microlectures event.

Come to Room A225 on the Abbotsford campus to hear the lectures on Wed, Feb 26, from 11:30 am-12:30 pm.

Researchers take the stage one after the other, in rapid succession, for two minutes each to speak about the exciting findings and implications of their research. The event lasts about an hour, with presenters and audience members encouraged to stick around for discussion and networking afterward. Light refreshments provided!

Hosted by the UFV Office of Research, Engagement, and Graduate Studies.

This year’s speakers, in order of appearance:

  • Emerging Trends in Consumption Patterns of Goods and Services

Dr. Mike Ivanof, Business 

  • Immigrant Immunization Decision-Making and Information Needs

Dr. Cindy Jardine, Health Sciences

  • Developing microscale immobilized enzyme reactor fabrication protocol for proteomics studies

Dr. Golfam Ghafourifar, Chemistry

  • Identity and Belonging in the Wartime Fraser Valley: 1939-1945

Dr. Scott Sheffield, History

  • Using critical reflection to question ourselves in global development work

Brianna Strumm, PhD(c), Social Work and Human Services

  • Overcoming barriers militating the use of formal methods with model-driven software engineering

Dr. Opeyemi Adesina, Computer Information Systems

  • Taxonomy 2020: A Visionary Approach to Biological Exploration

Dr. Carin Bondar, Biology

  • Engaging the Sensorium: India and the Great War Exhibitions and Seminars

Dr. Prabhjot Parmar, English

  • A.I. for Interactive Robotics

Dr. Amir Shabani, Computer Information Systems

  • Embodied Ethics and Challenges of Modernity in Contemporary Sikh Langar

Dr. Nicola Mooney, Anthropology

  • Synthesis of Sulforaphene and derivatives

Dr. Pedro Montoya-Pelaez, Chemistry

  • Analysis of Canoe Slalom Paddling Technique

Dr. Avleen Randhawa Oberoi, Kinesiology

  • Name Entity Identification in Biomedical Texts

Dr. Maryam Siahbani, Computer Information Systems

  • Canadian News Discourse about the Petroleum Industry: Corporate Media Framing compared with Indigenous Media Framing

Dr. Robert Harding, Social Work and Human Services

  • What’s sociology got to do with it? Becoming a Paramedic

Dr. Michael Corman, Sociology

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