Expand your mind with faculty microlectures — April 2

Expand your academic palate and sample new subject areas with an interdisciplinary afternoon showcasing faculty research at UFV. Faculty presenters each take the stage for a maximum of two minutes and speak about the exciting findings and implications of their research. Feed your academic appetite and learn about over a dozen new topics in under an hour at UFV’s Faculty Microlectures event.

Come to the Spirit Bear Cafe in Building A to hear the lectures. Tues, April 2, 11:30 am-12:30 pm.

This year’s topics and presenters:

An Exploratory Study on the use of Message Frames in Canadian Mortgage Loan Advertisements
David Dobson, School of Business

Upgrade your maps! Peptide mapping using IMERs
Golfam Ghafourifar, Chemistry

Tuhiwai-Smith’s 25 Indigenous Projects as Analysis Framework
Marcella LaFever, Communications

Forum Theatre in Indigenous Communities, Cindy Jardine, Health Sciences

Plantzilla: A ack of the Knotweed, Sharon Gillies, Biology

Patient Insights on Medical Apologies
Fiona MacDonald, Politcal Science

Interrogating the Place of “Place” in Migra on Discourse
Nicola Mooney, Social, Cultural, and Media Studies

Land based resiliency and Indigenous Youth,
Adrienne Chan, School of Social Work & Human Services

Spa al Jus ce and Rese lement for Children in East Africa
Cherie Enns, Geography

Liberal Arts the Ticket to Robot-Proo ng Your Career
Linda Pardy, Communications

The Economic Belief System Has Made Us Poorer
Ken Blawa, Business

Pioneering Microbes
Stephen Thomas, Biology

Neoliberalization and Alternative Food Movements: Vermont’s ‘Right to Know’ GMO Campaign
Gabriela Pechlaner, Social, Cultural, and Media Studies

The “Wretched Summer”: Understanding Post-Career Adjustment in Ex-Professional Hockey Enforcers
Michael Gaetz, Kinesiology

Framing Emancipation in Indigenous Newspapers
Robert Harding, School of Social Work and Human Service


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