Student Research Day returns April 5

UFV students will be showcasing their intellectual talents once again at the UFV Student Research Day on Thurs, April 5.

You can drop by the Spirit Bear lounge in Building A on the Abbotsford campus at 11:30 am to hear a from a smorgasbord of 23 student speakers or groups in a micro-lecture format. Each will have two minutes to summarize and explain their research process and results. Then from 12:30 pm to 2:30 pm, 75 student researchers will have posters outlining their research on display in University House (F124 and 125) on the Abbotsford campus. Both events are free and open to the public.

Thursday, April 5

11:30 am – Micro lectures in the Spirit Bear Café, A Building, Abbotsford campus.
Take the stage and share your research experiences in a high-speed 2-minute lecture. UFV Students only.

Poster Presentations and Judging

12:30 – 2:30 pm – Poster Presentation in F124 & F125 (University House, Abbotsford campus)
3 pm – Awards Ceremony in F125

Participants compete for scholarship awards between $150-200. Prizes are awarded to UFV students for Student Research Day.

Micro-Lecture presenters

Grant Morley, Criminology
Discussions with Sto:lo Elders Concerning a Proposal to Develop a First Nation Court.

Vivienne Beard. Biology
A population-based assessment of genetic testing for hereditary colorectal cancer

Sahil Chawla, Chemistry
Theoretical study of OH radical induced cross-linking reaction between Cytosine and Phenol

Jacob Dekker, Biology
Isolation and Subesquent Identification of Oil Metabolizing Bacteria Based on Their Ability to Bind to Hydrocarbons.

Courtney Kelley, Danielle Dorish, Daenna Goodfellow, Business
The Untapped Well

Kaeden Teindl, Chemistry
The effect of changing parameters to improve the physical strength of GA-CT on digestion efficiency

Rabia Kamboj, Biology
DNA Annotation of 107824 Base Pairs of D. eugracilis 3L Chromosome

Besart Hysniu, Psychology
Researching Elderspeak as a manifestation of Ageism

Alex Terhart, School of Business
Is Owning a Home worth it?

Jared Wiebe, Zihan Tian and Shea Horton, Business
Time Management of Students at UFV

Travis Gingerich, Geography
Sandy beaches and shifting seas: Postglacial sea level change on Savary Island, B.C.

Steven Esau, Physics
Numerical Quantum Chromodynamics Laplace Sum Rules using PySecDec

Rachel  Bodnariuc, English
The Manifestation of Religious Hypocrisy in Victorian Novels

Blossom de Bruin, Biology
Overwintering activity of Drosophila suzukii in relation to presence of non-crop host plants at Krause Berry Farms

Lyndon Hunter, Geography
Building Agriculture Resilience through GIS

Danika Cheater, Chemistry
Electrochemistry of Nickel (II) and Copper (I) complexes of diamido-dephenolate ligands

Erin Hryhoriw, Kinesiology
Comparison of Motor Skill Assessments used to Determine Fine and Gross Motor Skill Deficits in Children with FASD

Mia Harries, Kinesiology
Working Memory and Sleep Quality in Children with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder

Esra Al-Abduljabar, Chemistry
Immobilization of Lys-C using GA to digest denatured BSA

Sofia Porta (Brunelle), Criminology
Juvenile Justice Reforms in Latin America

Holly Wingert, Psychology
Examining Implicit Attitudes Towards Indigenous Populations

Paige Bogaerts, Ian Wilson, Geography and Communications
City Studio #16 – Littering in Abbotsford

Karen Pickford, Nursing
Exploring perceptions of health risk in the older adult population



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