UFV celebrates long-serving employees at special evening

Rachelle Trudeau of Finance is celebrating 30 years at UFV, while Ian McAskill of Economics is marking 35.

In 1982, Ian McAskill was a young economics graduate looking for a place to teach. He found Fraser Valley College, decided he liked it here, and stayed for the next 35 years, through two major changes (from college to university-college and then to university).

Once one of the youngest faculty members, he’s now a veteran.

“I have 35 years of reflections that I could share, but the predominant reflection is one of gratitude for the trust the community has accorded to us to be their educators,” says Ian.  “We have a wonderfully respectful body of students here, and a dedicated complement of energetic, creative and totally supportive faculty and staff.  Little wonder I, like so many others have found it a great place to dedicate a life’s career. Thank you!”

Thirty years ago, Rachelle Trudeau joined what was then Fraser Valley College, working in the print room for several years before becoming receptionist for Finance. Like Ian, she has witnessed many changes at UFV over the decades.

“It’s been a wild ride!” says Rachelle. “I’ve met so many wonderful people over the years and consider myself blessed.  I remember my first interview like it was yesterday.  I’ve seen us evolve from Fraser Valley College to the University College of the Fraser Valley to University of the Fraser Valley.  I’ve served under four presidents and saw firsthand the many changes that have happened along the way.  I’ve been very fortunate!”

Rachelle and Ian were the two longest-serving of the 129 employees recognized at the service recognition dinner on April 20.

“I’m a relative newcomer compared to all of you, with only eight years here,” noted President Mark Evered when addressing what will be his last long-service ceremony. He thanked the employees for building UFV into the university it is today.

10-year employees

Avril Alfred, Tetsuomi Anzai, Adrianna Bakos, Nancy Barker, Alfred Behmer, Marie Betker, Susan Brown, Josephine Charlie, Elisabeth Chisholm, Kim Christianson, Camilla Coates, Heather Compeau, Nicole Corbeil, Jagdeep Deol, Carol Dickson, Cecelia Dirksen, Denise Duarte, Alex Duff, Michelle Elliott, Garry Fehr, Denise Fisher, Danielle Fournier, Christopher Friesen, Andrew Gray, Maria Hamtig, Deborah Hawkes, Sandy Hill, Dawn Holt, Sue Humbke, Chris Humphries, Fiona Ives, Sarah Johanson, Charline Johnsen, Christopher Jones, Valentina Jovanovic, Soowook Kim, Trena King, Pat McGurk, Sheila McKay, Natalia Montgomery, Nicola Mooney, Lee Newbery, Linda Pary, Susana Paulin, Philip Puszka, Janine Roberts, Cindy Shultz, Shelley Stefan, Stephanie Stenerson, Ed Visser, Leah Whitehouse, Linda Yamaguchi.


15-year employees

Anastasia Anderson, Rilla Apostolakis, Chris Bertram, Mark Brosinski, Jackie Bryce, Helen Butner, Julia Dodge, Colleen Gingerich, Cecelia Grant, Shirley Hardman, Kerry Johnson, Gilmour Jope, Anna Kuczynska, Dana Landry, Bob McGregor, Kim Norman, Shirleen Sayers, Sandra Smith, Pierce Stoeckly, Balraj Sumra, Shelaugh Thomson (2016), Brandon Tournier, Nadeane Trowse.

20-year employees

Teresa Arrogila-Piper, Phyllis Beauchene, Leonne Beebe, Adam Bodnar, Connie Cyrull, Debbie Dyck, Christine Elsey, Dea Freschi, Roger Friesen, Blanca Hluskova, Dean Key, Davida Kidd, Chris Leach, Edward Lo, Curtis Magnuson, Adaly Molina, Sherry Neetz, Rajinder Parmar, Carol Peters, Wayne Podrouzek, Tracy Porter, Alison Pritchard-Orr, Janet Robinson, Darlene Rosner, Eric Spalding, Les Stagg (2016), David Thomson, John Todrick, Susan Travassos, Natasha Tvete, Betty Wang, Michelle Ward.

25-year employees

Greg Aitken, Tom Baumann, John Belec, Maria Bos-Chan, Leah Carr, Laura Chomiak, Tim Cooper, Eric Davis, Tim Herron, Corry Jensen, Maple Melder-Crozier, Kasey Merritt, Leslie Olsen, Nancy Philbrook, Doug Rasmussen, Greg Schlitt, Terry Starr, Jane Webb, Tami White.

See all the photos from the evening in our Flickr album:

Long-Service Dinner



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