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Brainwork brings benefits to students at Research Day

Brainwork brings benefits to students at Research Day

Congratulations to the following students who won prizes after showing their research at the recent Student Research Day.

Award Winners — $200 each


President’s Award
Michael Gaultier

Biology — Supervisor Jonathan Hughes
Title:  Inferring bog hydrology and soil chemistry using testate amoebae in the Fraser Lowland, British Columbia

Provost & Vice-President, Academic
Tessa Webb
Biology — Supervisor Stephen Thomas
Title: Towards Cloning and Sequence Analysis of the alkB gene from Gordonia otitidis

Associate Vice-President, Research, Engagement, & Graduate Studies
Sarah Speight
Geography — Supervisor Michelle Rhodes
Title: Evaluating Food Donation Quality in the Fraser Valley

Vice-President, Students
Kurtis Leffers
Biology — Supervisor Nathan Bialas
Title: Investigating Lifespan and Healthspan Effects of Canada-Grown Lonicera caerulea on C elegans

Vice-Provost and Vice-President, Academic
Darryl Wilson
Chemistry — Supervisor Noham Weinberg
Title: Molecular Dynamics Calculations of High-Pressure Vibration Spectra

Dean, College of Arts — Social Sciences
Alana Strangway
Geography — Supervisory Steven Marsh
Title: Geochemistry Report for Clayburn Creek Watershed in Abbotsford, BC

Dean, College of Arts — Humanities
Sarah Gabor-Martinez
Social, Cultural, and Media Studies — Supervisor Nicola Mooney
Title: The Delicate Equilibrium of Corporate and Public Art: A Visual Ethnography of Granville Island

Dean, Faculty of Health Sciences
Jason Soolaman
Kinesiology — Supervisors Michael Gaetz and Jason Brandenburg
Title: The Cognitive and Physical Consequences of Pre-Competition Rapid Weight Loss (Weight Cutting) in Mixed Martial Arts Athletes

Dean, Faculty of Science
Nikola Trotezuk, Dennis Schimann, Alex Vogt, Petrin Waldock — Group
Physics/Engineering — Supervisor Lin Long
Title:  Autonomous collision avoidance on a quadcopter

Dean, Faculty of Professional Studies
Bronwen Kenyon, Kyle Sethi, Ryan Gienger — Group
Business — Supervisor David Dobson & Michael Maschek
Title: Sex at University

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