Brainwork brings benefits to students at Research Day

Congratulations to the following students who won prizes after showing their research at the recent Student Research Day.

Award Winners — $200 each


President’s Award
Michael Gaultier

Biology — Supervisor Jonathan Hughes
Title:  Inferring bog hydrology and soil chemistry using testate amoebae in the Fraser Lowland, British Columbia

Provost & Vice-President, Academic
Tessa Webb
Biology — Supervisor Stephen Thomas
Title: Towards Cloning and Sequence Analysis of the alkB gene from Gordonia otitidis

Associate Vice-President, Research, Engagement, & Graduate Studies
Sarah Speight
Geography — Supervisor Michelle Rhodes
Title: Evaluating Food Donation Quality in the Fraser Valley

Vice-President, Students
Kurtis Leffers
Biology — Supervisor Nathan Bialas
Title: Investigating Lifespan and Healthspan Effects of Canada-Grown Lonicera caerulea on C elegans

Vice-Provost and Vice-President, Academic
Darryl Wilson
Chemistry — Supervisor Noham Weinberg
Title: Molecular Dynamics Calculations of High-Pressure Vibration Spectra

Dean, College of Arts — Social Sciences
Alana Strangway
Geography — Supervisory Steven Marsh
Title: Geochemistry Report for Clayburn Creek Watershed in Abbotsford, BC

Dean, College of Arts — Humanities
Sarah Gabor-Martinez
Social, Cultural, and Media Studies — Supervisor Nicola Mooney
Title: The Delicate Equilibrium of Corporate and Public Art: A Visual Ethnography of Granville Island

Dean, Faculty of Health Sciences
Jason Soolaman
Kinesiology — Supervisors Michael Gaetz and Jason Brandenburg
Title: The Cognitive and Physical Consequences of Pre-Competition Rapid Weight Loss (Weight Cutting) in Mixed Martial Arts Athletes

Dean, Faculty of Science
Nikola Trotezuk, Dennis Schimann, Alex Vogt, Petrin Waldock — Group
Physics/Engineering — Supervisor Lin Long
Title:  Autonomous collision avoidance on a quadcopter

Dean, Faculty of Professional Studies
Bronwen Kenyon, Kyle Sethi, Ryan Gienger — Group
Business — Supervisor David Dobson & Michael Maschek
Title: Sex at University

Student Microlectures 2017-1

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