Trades and Tech Centre opens doors on March 2 — come on in and try a trade!

From big machines, to 3d printing, to CNC routers, to robotics arms, the Trades and Technology Centre has a lot to show.
Bring the family, tour the facilities, and learn about trades training in Chilliwack.

The following activities will run in various shops:

  • Heavy equipment simulator
  • Drag race reaction timer:  test your reaction time in tenths of a second
  • Spray paint simulator or demo
  • Welding simulator: try your hand at welding
  • Maker Space activities: 3D printing, laser cutting/engraving demos
  • Automation: set up pneumatic control systems, activate robot
  • Aircraft riveting: Pop some rivets in your take-away key chain

The event is also an opportunity to launch a career in Trades and find out more about training options to become a Red Seal certified journey person.

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