Paralegal studies the right path forward

Ben Meyer, UFV paralegal student

The missing piece

After 10 years at Golden Oak Corporate Services Ltd., Ben Meyer had become someone others trusted to do quality work; he began seeing opportunities to take on more responsibility. Quality professional training was the missing piece he needed to take his career to the next level.

Finding the right program in the legal field

Ben’s company was willing to invest in him, but Ben wasn’t sure where to start.

After a career aptitude test confirmed his interest in the paralegal field, he connected with UFV and was helped by Admissions Assistant Rosemary Wolf. “I told Rosemary I was interested in the Paralegal program and that my schooling background came with a different set of experiences. I wasn’t sure if I could get in.” he says. “She patiently walked me through each step. She made the application process really easy.”

Ben was then connected with Paralegal Program Coordinator Ryan Coreau. After learning about Ben’s background, Ryan suggested he complete the Legal Administrative Assistant program before pursuing his Paralegal diploma. Ben took Ryan’s advice and, looking back, is thankful he did. “Now that I’m halfway through the Legal Administrative Assistant program, I really see how this knowledge will help me be successful later,” he says.

Preparing for success

Ben has been particularly impressed with the ability of his instructor, Sabrina Ngo, to translate course work into practical application. “Sabrina makes sure that everyone understands the material. She finds a way to make it relevant — whether through real life examples or hypothetical situations,” he says.

The program includes a wide variety of people, from recent high school graduates to parents going back to school after their children have left home. Ben appreciates the diversity. “We even have an art student and someone with a music background,” he says. “Everyone brings something unique to the discussion. Coming from a professional environment, I appreciate that instructors and students all treat each other with respect — as professionals.”

Ben plans to ladder his Legal Administrative Assistant studies into the Paralegal program . With his eye toward a corporate secretary role within his firm, he understands the necessity of balancing real-life experience with quality education. “A lot of our clients are comfortable with me and know I can do the job,” he says, “but the skills I’m learning now will help me take the next step in my career.”

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