UFV partners with Canadian Federation of University Women

CFUW Co-Presidents Betty Tough (left) and Kate Jordon sign landmark agreement with UFV President Mark Evered

CFUW Co-Presidents Betty Tough (left) and Kate Jordan sign landmark agreement with UFV President Mark Evered


As a married man who raised three daughters, UFV President Mark Evered has plenty of experience being the only male in the room.

And that indeed was the case on Monday evening, when he joined more than 60 members of the Canadian Federation of University Women (CFUW), Abbotsford chapter, to sign a partnership agreement.

“The CFUW is such an important organization locally and nationally, making significant contributions to the status of women, human rights, social justice, peace initiatives, and public education, to name a few,” said Dr. Evered. “We are so proud to partner with you. Your goals match so well with our goals. We value the vital role you play in our community, and the important role models you are to our students.”

The five-year agreement, signed by Dr. Evered and CFUW-Abbotsford Co-Presidents Kate Jordan and Betty Tough, opens the door for the two organizations to partner on events and opportunities for UFV faculty, staff and students, and CFUW members.

The CFUW-Abbotsford meets eight times per year at UFV, and funds the CFUW Abbotsford Chapter Endowment Scholarship, a $1500 award given annually to a UFV student.


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