New video highlights UFV’s hardworking janitorial staff

Custodian staff 2016-1

Working hard well after most buildings empty each evening, UFV’s custodial staff often toil anonymously to improve the lives of students, staff and faculty.

Until now.

A new, entertaining three-minute video on UFV’s YouTube channel provides an insightful look into a wide range of janitorial experiences. It touches on the history of janitorial jobs dating back to the Industrial Revolution before quickly catching up to the daily duties of UFV’s janitors.

The video includes personal stories of student interaction, ranging from refuse responsibilities to the occasional role as impromptu tour guide for new students, especially on the first day of classes. It features several custodians in addition to: David Shayler, Manager, Janitor Services; Mark Goudsblom, Director, Facilities and Project Management; and UFV President Mark Evered.

“It’s not just a matter of sweeping up the floor, or wiping down a piece of glass,” explains Shayler.

“They’re the first line of defence in protecting our staff, faculty and students from viruses and bacteria.”

Goudsblom says the video opens doors to understanding how integral the custodians’ work is to every facet of UFV life and business.

“They help set up events in the morning, they take them down in the evening, they make sure things are cleaned up and ready to go,” he recounts.

“It’s really important for custodians to be recognized for some of the additional work they do, outside of what we know them to do.”

Evered sees the video as a way to thank tireless professionals who simply make our lives better.

“We should be deeply grateful. We should recognize how much they care and how they reach out in so many ways to all of us. It’s a great pleasure to be working with such professional people who care so deeply, especially about our students.”

The video was produced by Matt O’Shea in conjunction with UFV’s University Relations department. Matt spent time as a member of UFV’s custodian team and, after leaving UFV, founded Cloud Cast Media.

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