UFV hosts 2016 secondary school math contest


The Junior winners at the 2016 math contest.

UFV UFV hosted the B.C. Secondary Schools math contest for the 19th time on Fri, May 6.

Winners (all of whom receive tuition waiver offers from UFV) included:

Junior Division (Grade 10 and under)

  1. Nick Wang, Pacific Academy
  2. Matthew Xue, Meadowridge
  3. Sam Im, Walnut Grove Secondary
  4. Helen Chen, MEI
  5. Kyung Ho Ryu, Yale Secondary
  6. Enoch Liu, Pacific Academy
  7. Sean (Qiansheng) Zhu

Senior Division (Grade 12 and under)

  1. Huicheol Cho, Abbotsford Senior Secondary
  2. Cavizshajan Skanthan, Meadowridge
  3. Josiah Plett, WJ Mouat Secondary
  4. Jane (Gwilim) Min, Yale Secondary
  5. Jiwon Min, Yale Secondary
  6. Sean Choi, Sardis Secondary
  7. Fang Ming Zhang, Walnut Grove Secondary

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