Putting Terrorism in its Place — forum at UFV on Jan 26

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The University of the Fraser Valley is presenting its second open forum on terrorism and its effects on Tues, January 26. Come and join UFV faculty, students, alumni, and community members at Towards Peace and Security: Putting Terrorism in (its) Place, an evening of debate and dialogue on how to deal with one of the biggest threats to contemporary and future peace and security everywhere. The forum will be held in the Student Union Building (middle great hall) starting at 6 pm.

“Terrorism is often referred to as a global phenomenon that requires a global response, and it does,” notes Ken Brealey, UFV Associate Dean of Arts. “But terrorism terrifies because it is experienced locally. From Boston to Karachi, and from Nairobi to Paris, every terrorist act happens in places — in a shopping mall, on a bus, at a sporting event, in someone’s back yard — and any response to it that is not sensitive to the uniqueness of place — in all its cultural, social, political and even psychological aspects — is likely to be inadequate.”

Confirmed speakers include UFV faculty members Garry Fehr (Geography), Ghizlane Laghzaoui (Modern Languages), Ron Dart and Edward Akuffo (Political Science), Amy Prevost and Irwin Cohen (Criminology), Steven Schroeder (Peace and Conflict Studies), and Sven van de Wetering (Psychology). They will be joined by student and alumni speakers from the Arab Club and Muslim Association, as well as James Ward (Sakej), a member of the Mi’kmaq Nation, and Ray Corrado and Garth Davies from the Simon Fraser University School of Criminology.

“We are presenting this forum as part of our commitment to maintain ongoing dialogue and debate on a phenomenon that has international, national, and local implications that are political, cultural, and psychological all at once,” says Brealey. “This forum is intended to analyze the problem of terrorism and its effects — and how to respond to them — from a personal, place-based perspective.”

The forum is presented by the UFV College of Arts.


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One Response to Putting Terrorism in its Place — forum at UFV on Jan 26

  1. vern huffman January 26, 2016 at 3:46 pm #

    Terrorism is a tactic, sometimes a strategy. All combatants attempt to terrorize their opponents. There can not be a “war on terrorism” any more than there can be a war on surprise attacks or a war on amphibious landings. Whether you are blitzing London, fire bombing Dresden or knocking down the buildings and killing the brave fire fighters of Hanoi, part of conflict is to terrorize the enemy. Rebel yells, Highlands battle cries, beating police batons on plastic shields are all intended to frighten and terrorize. We are at war now, the propaganda term is “mission”, but we are not at mission we are at war, and there is no war without lies and propaganda. War, spending tens of billions of taxpayers’ dollars, travelling half way aroiund the world to kill Muslims as flunkies of the American Empire, creates enemies and they will try to kill us back. Who is a terrorist is determined by the great powers. The Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) was labeled a terrorist organization until NATO, during their war in the Balkans, had a proxy use for them and then they were freedom fighters. Most of the terrorism is state terrorism when the police, secret police, the army and paramilitaries rape, torture, kill, imprison, spy upon and disappear their fellow citizens. We do business with nations that terrorize their own people.