The Feeding 9 Billion Challenge: Help create a more food-secure future!

9 billion challengeThink you’ve got what it takes to create a business model related to sustainability, food, and universities in 24 hours?

This October, the University of the Fraser Valley is hosting an exciting competition to generate real solutions to real food and agriculture issues, and we want you!

On the Oct 17-18 weekend, the Feeding 9 Billion Challenge will be taking place across Canada at four universities. A specific food system-related challenge will be revealed at 10 am on challenge day at UFV. So come with your energy, ideas and an open mind ready to work. This fast-paced, creative, and motivating 24-hour challenge provides an exciting atmosphere to develop innovative ideas, ultimately competing for $1,000 cash. Runner-up prizes and door prizes abound, as well as exciting workshops led by change-makers, and talks led by inspirational speakers.

Following this exciting competition, all participants are invited to enroll in a directed study course. The course is designed to provide the space and support to further develop the projects and ideas pitched at the 24-hour Challenge, to ultimately bring your prototype to market. Students are also encouraged to enter the global Thought for Food Challenge, where competitors have the chance to travel, receive professional coaching and win up to $10,000 to further their food systems ideas.

All third- and fourth-year students are invited to enter. Food insecurity is a complex issue, so we need solutions from all sides. We are open to your idea: be it an app, an education campaign, a novel food product, an agriculture technology, a social enterprise, a game, a new way of achieving a social benefit within a business, or a video series. Past participants have designed viable, change-making businesses, opening up a world of new possibilities for life after university.

Don’t miss out on this unique event, register now!

For details, follow @feeding9billion and @feed9billionUFV on Twitter, or “like” Feeding 9 Billion or Feeding 9 Billion UFV on Facebook.


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