UFV 2025 forum — an update on the UFV visioning process

The world is changing dramatically and so are universities.

The future of the University of the Fraser Valley depends on how we prepare for and position ourselves within this new world. This is your chance to help shape that future.

Tues, April 28
Abby B140
3:30 to 5 pm

The UFV 2025 Visioning Committee has been meeting regularly since January and a number of initiatives involving students (and future students!) are underway.

The forum will provide an update on the work of the UFV 2025 Visioning Committee and the student initiatives underway at UFV and in the Fraser Valley, and allow time for discussion and feedback. Please come to hear what students have to say.

Tell us what you think UFV should look like in 2025 at ufv.ca/2025.


For more information, contact Nicole Hitchens at nicole.hitchens@ufv.ca

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