Abbotsford campus moves and renovations planned for spring and summer 2015

Renovation season is here as UFV evolves, expands, and reshapes our space to better accommodate students and employees.

The recent completion of the Student Union Building and associated relocation of some departments has created opportunities for improvements to classroom, lab, and office space in some areas of the Abbotsford campus.

Construction started April 20 and will continue throughout the summer.

We thank students, employees, and visitors to the Abbotsford campus in advance for their patience during this short term inconvenience while these improvements occur.

Departments may have to relocate temporarily to facilitate renovations and accommodate construction activity (with associated noise) in certain areas of Buildings A, B, C, and D.

Specific improvements

Instructional space improvements include:

  • A Biology lab will be equipped to accommodate upper-level research
  • In the Visual Arts department, the Foundation Studio and Mac Lab capacities will be increased and the Digital Print and Lighting Studio will be improved
  • A computer lab will be expanded and a new classroom will be created
  • An open student study space will also be expanded.

Administrative space improvements include:

  • Information Technology Systems (ITS) office space will be expanded and the help desk improved
  • Additional faculty offices for the School of Business, School of Social Work, Faculty of Science, and Faculty of Professional Studies will be created
  • The University Relations department will undergo minor renovations to implement departmental efficiencies
  • Purchasing will be relocated within the Finance department in Building A.

Go here for more information on these projects. Thank you in advance for your patience and cooperation during these renovations and moves.

Please direct any questions or concerns to the Facilities Service Desk at 605-854-4542 (local 4542 internally).

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