UFV launches ontrackTV pilot

The following is a news release from Quizam Media Corporation:

IMG_08161Quizam Media Corporation is pleased to announce that the first university credit course integrating ontrackTV videos launched on schedule Friday, January 9.

Dr. Tracy Ryder Glass, UFV’s Dean of Professional Studies, and Cindy Stewart, associate professor of business, joined Vicki Asada and David Lee, directors of Quizam Media Corporation, for the ribbon-cutting ceremony to commemorate kick-off. The launch party was scheduled for 8:30 am at the UFV Clearbrook Centre.

Under the terms of the MOU signed April 2, 2014 , the partnership formalized a path for developing UFV’s project plan to access and customize ontrackTV (www.ontracktv.com) content for labs, self-paced learning, and other purposes related to UFV credit and non-credit courses. The goal is for UFV to work with ontrackTV to help meet UFV’s strategic plan goals for online delivery. The first course to pilot the blended learning delivery is BUS 329 — Brand Identity Management, offered by the UFV School of Business..

In this pilot, students will be required to attend two-hour classes instead of three hours, with the third hour allocated to assignments using ontrackTV videos and textbooks. The blended learning format shifts the learning of standard content (computer applications for applied branding) to the student, with video playlists and assignments completed prior to the next lecture. This frees the instructor to focus less on delivery of content and more on fostering discussion, critical thinking, and creativity to help students to meet the learning objectives.

“The 2:1 hour class time split leverages excellent content that is already developed and available, so that more attention may be afforded to transformative higher level instruction and actualizing student potential, creating opportunities for self-expression, helping students make their mark and to change the world,” says UFV business professor Cindy Stewart, who will be teaching the course .”The self-paced videos comprise 30 percent of the final grade.”

“This project is proof that UFV is truly a model university for the 21st century, one that embraces experiential, hands-on, practical, accessible learning, and is connected to industry,” says Russ Rossi, CEO of Quizam. “Quizam Media will be a BUS 329 corporate client as well, so the students have the opportunity to present project portfolios at the end-of-class presentation to Quizam Media HQ.”

“ Students will be learning and using training videos in the same way ontrackTV corporate clients are by accessing computer application lessons on an as-needed basis, at any time, from any device,” says David Lee, Director of On-Track Corporate Training.


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