Images and Land Claims — a weekend of films, maps, and discussion

Semoya dancers for blogImages and Land Claims

Hosted by the Stó:lō Nation and supported by the University of the Fraser Valley.

Fri, July 11–Sun, July 13
The Resource Centre
Stó:lō Nation
Chilliwack, B.C.

July 11 program begins at 6 pm, followed by a reception.

From the Kalahari desert to the Fraser Valley, indigenous peoples fight for their lands, culture and heritage. Defending and claiming their lands, they speak for peoples across the world.

All welcome. Admission free. Drop-in okay.

Hugh Brody, UFV’s Canada Research Chair in Aboriginal Studies, will introduce his new film from the Kalahari. Annetta Bok and Dirk Pienaar will travel from the Kalahari to join the discussion.

Neil Sterrit and Don Ryan will take us to Gitksan territory in film and history.

Sonny McHalsie and Dave Schaepe will show us Stó:lō territory along the Fraser River.

Ken Brealey will make a journey to Australia.

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Fri, July 11
Doors open at 5:30 pm. Tea/coffee/soft drinks on offer.

6-6:15 pm
Welcome to Sto:lo Territory: Sonny McHalsie (tbc).

Welcome to the festival from Steven Point (former Lieutenant Governor of British Columbia) and UFV president Mark Evered.

6:15-6:30 pm
Introduction to the themes of the festival and to the films Tracks Across Sand, from Hugh Brody.

6:30-7:45 pm
Screening of two films Tracks (Overture and Aftermath).

7:45-8.30 pm
Discussion led by San representatives from the Kalahari, Annetta Bok and Dirk Pienaar.

Reception/networking opportunity.

Sat, July 12
9-10:30 am
The Stó:lō Atlas and Beyond – Making Stó:lō Culture Visible. Presented by David Schaepe, Director, SRRMC.

10:30–10:45 am
Tea/coffee break.

10:45 am–noon
Gitksan territory: making of maps. Fighting for rights. Presentations by Neil Sterritt and Don Ryan, former Tribal Council presidents and Hereditary Chiefs.

12-1 pm
Lunch available at the Resource Centre, or, as a packed lunch for those taking the bus tour of Stó:lō Territory, hosted by Sonny MacHalsie.

Afternoon: no formal arrangements. Opportunity to view maps on display, visit Sto:lo Museum, lie out in the sun.

5 pm: Traditional Stó:lō Salmon Barbecue.

6:30-8 pm
Screening of Blockade (directed by Nettie Wilde), an exploration on film of the struggle for land claims in northwest BC.

8-8:30 pm
Q & A with Neil Sterritt and Don Ryan.

Sun, July 13
9-10 am
Leslie Pinder (former legal counsel, leading expert on land claims, novelist and poet): Seen Through the Eyes of the Law.

10-10:15 am
Coffee/tea break

10:15–11:15 am Gail Fondahl (University of Northern British Columbia, expert on land claims in Siberia): The case of the Evenki – land claims and reindeer.

11:15–11:30 am
Coffee/tea break

11:30 am–12:15 pm
Who owns the future? An Aboriginal Youth Forum, with Annetta Bok and Dirk Pienaar (from South Africa), Stol:lo youth representatives (tbc).

12:15–12:30 pm Closing thought/prayer song.

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